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Company Information

Date of last update: 02/05/2009

Doctors Lounge is one of the most popular online medical resources for physicians, students and allied clinical professionals. It provides clinical information through multimedia tutorials and other study aids.

Both patients and professionals can seek answers to medical questions via the public discussion boards, also known as the medical forums. Please review our Terms & Conditions of Use.


Doctors Lounge was founded in April 2000, when two physicians, Dr. Tamer Fouad and Dr. Yasser Mokhtar, aspired to create an online medical community that would provide its visitors with free medical consultation. They saw the advantages of utilizing the internet as an accessible, cost-effective and interactive medium to support rather than replace the doctor-patient relationship.


Since its inception, the Doctors Lounge website has aimed to provide a humanitarian service to patients from around the world. Currently our content spans 20 medical specialties with over 20,000 pages of medical information.

Our members have written over 10,000 medical articles and answered more than 30,000 medical questions. Our content is currently being taught in medical schools worldwide and is part of the student curriculum for medical students in two international medical schools. The editorial accomplishments of Doctors Lounge have been cited by many top reviewers, including in March 2001.


Members of our community include physicians, residents, nurses and allied health professionals who participate in providing the various services offered on our website. Our services include:


Our editorial section is aimed at promoting continued medical education (CME) and providing a means for communication as well as a source of update for health professionals. The various services provided include daily health news, a medical journal scan and a medical encyclopedia as well as CME articles.


This is also known as the ?Ask a doctor? section. This is an active public medical discussion board which provides the general public with the opportunity to exchange views and seek info from our online community of medical professionals on a variety of medical topics free of charge.

3. A wide range of EDUCATIONAL TOOLS:

Medical mnemonics, study reviews, tutorials, medical FAQs and many other tools can be found at Doctors Lounge.

Disclosure of funding sources

Doctors Lounge depends on advertising as a source of revenue. Advertising can clearly be distinguished from editorial content by the "advertisement seal" that is located either below or on top of the advertisement.

The editorial content of Doctors Lounge is completely independent from our sponsors and our advertising. In the event that we publish sponsored content, this is clearly stated at the top of the article as well as the source of sponsorship.

Doctors Lounge is also partnered with other renowned web sites bringing to our visitors their premium services.

For more information about our company please contact us.

Tamer Fouad
President, Editor in Chief
Doctors Lounge

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