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The Doctors Lounge Message Archive

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pain in armpits into breast area

General Medical Discussion

Post subject: pain in armpits into breast area
- Thu Feb 26, 2004 6:28 am

For the last 4months, I have been noticing pain in both my armpit areas. Sometimes it just seems to a dull ache. I can also feel the ache extend into the outer breast area. The ache can get worse if I lift or pull something heavy, but that's not always I said before it'll just ache on it's own.
I went to the doctor, and they checked my lymph nodes and said they seemed fine, and found no lumps in my breast. They checked my thyroid, and said the test was normal. Another thing I've been noticing is, when I lift my arms up aver my head to do my hair to put a pony tail in or curl my hair, my whole shoulder area gets tired or fatigued, and I have to put my arms down and try again. Don't know if any of that is connected to the sore armpits and breast.
One doctor thought it all was musculoskeletal from all my lifting I do at my job for 15yrs now (I lift up to 50lbs of product daily) But, I swear I feel little tiny lumps in the area of the lymph node under the armpit and into the left breast, and that's the one that bothers me also looks bigger...when your arms are down at your side and you compare both arms, the left one looks swollen or bigger, and it never did before.
Could I have lymphoma or hodgkin's ( my grandmother died of hodkin's), or thyroid problem? Or is it as simple as wear and tear for all those years on my muscles?
Heeeeelp! I need to know what I should do or what kind of a doctor to see for proper diagnosis.
Post subject:
Tamer Fouad, M.D.
- Thu Feb 26, 2004 9:33 am

Pain under the armpits is not one of the hallmarks of cancer. Usually, if there is a lymph node enlargement that is from Hodgkin's disease or non-Hodgkin's lymphoma it presents as a painless swelling. If you have been examined for lymph node enlargement and they found nothing then I think you should trust that diagnosis. From a physiological point of view it is normal for lymph nodes to enlarge in fighting infection and inflammation. From a clinical point of view lymph node enlargement is usually important when its more than 1 cm in size (approx). If however, you are not confident in the diagnosis you have received have another doctor that has examined you then you should seek a second examination from another doctor.
From what you say I tend to go for the musculoskeletal theory in addition to an obvious psychological element that stems from your unfortunate family history.

Best regards.

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