Am I having heart or blood vessel problem?

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Am I having heart or blood vessel problem?

Postby starshine » Thu Oct 18, 2007 7:30 pm

I am a female aged 38 years old. I have 2 questions to ask hope you can give me some advice. My father has high blood pressure and Type 2 diabeties.

1. In the past, I had experienced on and off kind of chest pain, usually on my LHS and the pain usually go down to my left arm. It stopped after a few minutes. It usually occured when I'm stressed up.
At about 2 years ago, I went for an ECG test and it was cleared.

Recently I realised that the frequency has increased and I even start to have the pain around my left jaw and left arm. The pain is sometimes mild and sometime strong. Again it lasted just a couple of minutes and stopped. Recently it even occur when I'm not stress up.

2. The back of my neck seems to be rather tensed up and when I rest my neck against something solid such as dining chair, something like leaning back to rest my head, my neck just below the skull become numb! I didn't have this problem before.

Is it normal? Has anything wrong with me??

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Dr. Chan Lowe
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Postby Dr. Chan Lowe » Thu Oct 18, 2007 10:47 pm

Hi Starshine,

Regarding your chest pain I would recommend you see your doctor again to readdress the heart issue. It is best to be safe when the heart is concerned.

Regarding your head pain, it sounds like you may be having some tension causing your nerves that supply the back of the head to be more sensitive than normal. So, when you lean on the back of your neck it is causing more irritation of the nerve.

Your doctor can help evaluate this also.

Bets wishes.

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