hurthle cell recurrence

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hurthle cell recurrence

Postby suomii » Tue Jun 08, 2010 1:26 am

How often does a hurthle cell tumor recur? I was diagnosed and dissected (haha) on March of 2003, and since then practices have become a little less conservative when it comes to removing one versus both sides of the thyroid gland.
How will i know if it has recurred, or if it is present somewhere else in my body? I can palpate my neck, but I'm not sure what I'm feeling for. According to the chart I found, I was stage 2. Please let me know if I should see a specialist.
Thank you.

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Dr. Tamer Fouad
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Re: hurthle cell recurrence

Postby Dr. Tamer Fouad » Tue Jun 08, 2010 9:43 am

Dear suomii,
Thank you for your great question. Hurthle cell carcinoma does have a tendency to spread to the local lymph nodes. However, in your case it has been a very long time and the danger of recurrence is very small. Still it is prudent to see a specialist. Current recommendations would require an annual physical exam, TSH and Thyroglobin assessment. A periodic neck ultrasound may also help in your case. Depending on your initial staging you may or may not require periodic radioiodine scan assessment.

Could you tell me more about the recent difficulty in singing or vocalization that you mention. Was this investigated? It could be a significant finding.

As I mentioned earlier, it is likely that you will not require aggressive follow up and a physical, lab as well as an ultrasound may be all that is needed. Please keep us updated!
Dr. Tamer Fouad, MD
MB, BCh, MSc Internal Medicine.
Consultant of Hematology - Oncology.

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