HPV & Anal Cancer?

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HPV & Anal Cancer?

Postby sommerjaee » Tue Sep 09, 2008 1:13 am

I'm a 23yr old female who was diagnosed with cervical cancer back in april. Lately, I have been feeling very fatigue and sick(constant headaches, no energy, nausea). I noticed a lump which is colored black about the size of a dime on the right buttocks about 2 inches from the anus. Upon further examining i found another discolored lump shaped like an almond on the opening of the anus. My bowel hardly move and (I've tried all the tricks) when they do its diarreha or thin stool, yet I still feel the need to go but don't. I noticed today some spotting of blood on the toilet paper. I have had anal sex about 3 times with my boyfriend. Could the HPV have caused another cancer other than cervical cancer in me? Please help me with my question.

Thanks you,

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Dr. Tamer Fouad
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Re: HPV & Anal Cancer?

Postby Dr. Tamer Fouad » Sat Sep 20, 2008 9:50 am


To answer your question: yes! you are at risk of developing anal cancer.

Risk factors with strong evidence include:
1. HPV
2. History of receptive anal intercourse
3. History of sexually transmitted disease
4. Multiple sexual partners (>10)
5. Previous cancers of the cervix, vagina, or vulva
6. Immunosuppression after solid-organ transplantation.

At young age its actually more common in homosexual males but above 35 years of age its more common in females.

Given you are at increased risk you should have your lump examined right away. That however, doesn't mean that your lump is necessarily anal cancer. On the contrary, a thrombosed hemorrhoid would be a much more likely possibility. It would also be associated with bleeding related to stools and constipation. Another possibility is a wart (HPV).

Please keep us updated and good luck!
Dr. Tamer Fouad, MD
MB, BCh, MSc Internal Medicine.
Consultant of Hematology - Oncology.

Paloma Real
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Re: HPV & Anal Cancer?

Postby Paloma Real » Sun Oct 25, 2009 9:38 pm

Did you ever find out if HPV was the cause of your problems? I have always wondered if it can cause cancer in other places. Hope all is well.

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