I have had lumps in my breast since 13 or younger -terrified

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I have had lumps in my breast since 13 or younger -terrified

Postby lanieoneill » Sun Aug 26, 2007 10:11 pm

Its me again. I've calmed down a little since my last post and have since had a chance to read through other posts. Let me restart...

I am a 20 year old female. When a was around 13 years old (maybe younger) I noticed lumps in my breats. They are still there today, not painful, same size, movable and hard. I have not had discharge and do not have a family history, but do have history of other forms of cancer (colon, prostate, liver). Although I am now become increasingly worried as I am experiencing other symptoms. I often get light headed, and headaches (although have always had this issue). I recently obtained numbness to my right upper leg, right big toe, and left pinky toe. I have always had bad circulation in my legs. Even as a young child I remember having extreme pain in my calves, but that could have been growing pains. Another symptom I have is amenorrhea. I have not had my period in around 7 months. Could this be related to my diet? I read a post on soy, saying that it may change a women's menstrual cycle. Is this true? I have been drinking soy milk every morning for the past few months. Could this be related? I also eats a lot of flax seed, green tea, oatmeal (LARGE portion of my diet). Could my diet be affecting my menstrual cycle, or could it perhaps infact be because of breast cancer? I also experience bloating.

If you can offer any advice, information or solutions I would greatly appreciate it! If you need any more information, let me know. I am deeply concerned and frightened!


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Dr. Chan Lowe
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Postby Dr. Chan Lowe » Mon Aug 27, 2007 6:42 pm

Hi Melanie,

It is very unlikely that the lumps you are feeling are cancerous. Breast tissue is normally quite lumpy. This is why it is important to do regular self breast exams-so you can be familiar with the lumps and notice if any are new or changing.

There are also many causes for amenorrhea. I would recommend you see a gynecologist about this. At that point, you can discuss the breast lumps also.

Your numbness is a little different. This should be checked out as well. Your primary care doctor is probably the best place to start. You may need some imaging studies (like a CT or MRI of the brain/spine) to see if there are any problems going on. A thorough physical exam will help determine what work up is needed.

Best wishes.

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