DIAGNOSED WITH MVR (please help anyone)

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DIAGNOSED WITH MVR (please help anyone)

Postby mpmama294 » Sun Dec 30, 2007 4:03 pm


I;m 28 yrs old and have pvc's anxiety attacks every once in a while...I am currently on paxil and toprol once a day....torprol i take 25 mg...and paxil the same...i had a routine echo and it came back showing that I had a mild leaky valve....I thinnk he said it was mitro valve regurgitation.......I panicked my head off to say the least.....My doctor didn't tell me much at all about it...he told me to don't worry ..that its mild...and that he wanted to keep my heart as relaxed as possible....i asked him should i go to a cardiologist ..he said i could ..but that would only be to put me at ease.....i asked him how often should i get an echo now..he said once a yr....but thats what i get now...but since i have this now..shouldn't i get an echo at least twice a yr or something.....I also wanted to know ./.i read that you hear a click or something in the heart for mitro valve regurgitation.........and my doctor didn't mention anything to me when he checked my heart during routine checkup......

I also wanted to know...i had a couple of pvc's during the echocardiogram could this have made it seem that i had because of the skipping heartbeat....can this go away at all...please help me.....I would appreciate the advice....

thank you

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Dr. Chan Lowe
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Re: DIAGNOSED WITH MVR (please help anyone)

Postby Dr. Chan Lowe » Wed Jan 16, 2008 9:10 pm

Hi Mpmama294,

Mitral valve regurgitation is very common. Regurgitation means leaking backwards through the valve. If the leak is small (as is most commonly the case) it really is not a concerning issue. It only becomes an issue if the heart begins to fail from a large leak.

It is recommended that people with mitral valve regurg. take endocarditis prophylaxis. This means that before certain procedures that can introduce bacteria into the blood stream, such as dental work or cleanings, you should take an antibiotic. Just one dose before these procedures is usually enough. Your regular doctor can prescribe this for you.

Best wishes.
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