Always feel heart beat in throat/Strong with exertion...

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Always feel heart beat in throat/Strong with exertion...

Postby chrisr23 » Thu Apr 03, 2008 6:25 pm

Hello doc, I am 20 and suffering from Strong pulse and always feeling sensation of my heartbeat. I always feel my heart in my throat too most of the day now. I had 2 echos, a stress test, 3d thalium ct scan of heart, and all the holter monitors and event monitors. Everythign has come out perfect. Except i just checked my records lately and noticed on one of the echos in early 2006 i had a trace of mild valve regurgitation. I am worried. Because i panic all the time and i have been to 3 cardiologists and even a elctrophysiologist and they say not to worry. they all say tis anixety but i can still feel my heart in my throat. I am scared to exercise and when i do things that cause exertion i have to take a deep breathe and my heart is beating strong. I am very scared of this strong heartbeat and always feeling it in my throat. My latest test I just had a 30 day holter monitor 5 months ago and it came out fine. and i had a chest xray done 2 months ago that was fine. I am very worried and I am scared please help. Do you think i could have heart failure now or early sings of it. Or is this anxiety from just worrying so much everyday for the last couple of years. Is it bad to always feel your heartbeat in your throat? Can worrying all the time brought this on? please not this all came from when i had a huge panic attack on new years eve of 2005 and never been the same since...

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Dr. A. Madia
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Re: Always feel heart beat in throat/Strong with exertion...

Postby Dr. A. Madia » Wed Apr 09, 2008 10:23 pm


Many healthy young individuals do feel palpitations and strong pulse feeling, especially in thin and lean persons. Once you get a little conscious of this it causes anxiety. Anxiety will cause the heart to beat even faster and stronger. And the vicious cycle goes on.

Trace regurgitation is never an abnormality and many healthy individuals in general population have it on their Echo.

For your kind of symptoms you have undergone a battery of very advanced cardiac tests and many of this will show some irrelevant or inconsequential findings that will unnecessarily add to you anxiety. Feeling the force of pulse in one’s throat is not a cause of worry.

Forget heart failure. It is a complex entity wherein the heart has lost its force to pump out the blood. It will show as low Ejection Fraction on your Echo.

A simple advice for you. Calm down. Don’t be too health conscious. Remember at any given time a large majority of world population is healthy and free of disease. This is called concept of ‘wellness’. Occupy your mind with things you enjoy. Do vigorous physical exercises. Do some yoga and meditation. Forget doctors!

Dr Apurva C Madia
Consultant Cardiologist and physician

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