bubbly/frothy urine

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bubbly/frothy urine

Postby alexman93 » Sat Nov 07, 2009 10:14 am

I am a 15 year old male. I was diagnosed with minimal change disease when I was 6 and still currently have the condition. I have bubbles in my urine, ranging from a medium large amount to an extremely large frothy mass sometimes, but there has always been bubbles in my urine for about the last 9 months (maybe a little more I'm not sure). What's interesting though is that I'm currently in remission. I test my urine with the dipstick and it comes up negative for protein. I am currently taking 1000mg of mycophenate myfotil twice a day and have been on cellcept for the past 2 and a half years. (mycophenate myfotil is the same thing as cellcept I suppose, because recently those are the pills I have been getting in the prescription. I am extremely active, being a three sport athlete. I train heavily, including weight trainging, calisthenics, and an assortment of sprints and cardio. I'm not sure if maybe that could affect anything. I don't drink or smokeat all. I'm not sure why my urine is so frothy sometimes, although it seems to increase in frothiness the morning sfter I have been in cold conditions while inadequately dressed, which worries me that it could be connected to my condiition. Sometimes in the morning I wake up feeling slightly swollen around the eyes, but I could just be overworrying. Could you help me out?

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Dr.M.jagesh kamath
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Re: bubbly/frothy urine

Postby Dr.M.jagesh kamath » Sat Nov 14, 2009 2:15 am

Hello,It is quite possible that there may be some reaction to the urinary stream and the toilet sides in forming a froth if you have put some disinfectants.The most important thing is to get a 24hr urinary protein estimation since dip tests are not very accurate in predicting a micro proteinuria.If it is normal you can be rest assured of your remission status.
Dr.M.Jagesh kamath MBBS. Dvd Consultant dermatologist

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