Peritoneum thickening

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Peritoneum thickening

Postby ameeramaria » Sat Feb 25, 2006 1:08 am

Dear Doctor,
As part of my anamnesis I would like to say, that I am a very healthy, (untill now), 32 year old female with no children, active and fit. However i have always had problems with constipation, a bowel movement evry 3 days.
I have been suffering from my stomach as of the last 3 months, and no one has been able to give me an has been very frustratiing
It all started the last days of nov 2005, with a slight distention of my lower belly, where i could see my veins popping out there, and with swelling of the lymphs in my pubic area.
It continued like this, with ocasional swelling and distension. By new years I started feeling very tired, I was having night sweats, headaches, I was very constipated and the distention was not going away. I took laxatives, which I never do, to go to the bathroom, and to my big surprise I would not go to the bathroom, when I finally did, it was very dark.I was also loosing weight.
On jan 7 I called a Doc who came to my home and said I had fever and should go to a hospital i did. At the hospital the first thing they did was an abdominal x-ray. It showed stools in my intestine. They left me in the hospital for 8 days, anddiscovered I had ascitic liquid in my belly and a thickening of the peritoneum, so they did every exam, blood test, Aids, TB,Ct Scan, ultrasound, colonoscopy,endoscopy(I think that is the name when they insert a camara down your throat) etc. Everyhting was negative. I am very desperate and do not know what to do, nobody has an answer..any help is appreciated thank you very much,

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Theresa Jones, RN
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Postby Theresa Jones, RN » Wed May 24, 2006 7:37 am

Hi ameeramaria,
I am not a physician on the forum but I would like to respond to your post if I may do so. In your evaluation, were there any diagnostic studies completed on your ovaries, uterus, etc.? Where you referred to a specialist? Constitutional symptoms in which you have described warrants an evaluation by an Oncology specialist.
Theresa Jones, RN

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