Nonspecific Colitis/MRSA

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Nonspecific Colitis/MRSA

Postby ryann » Tue Mar 04, 2008 3:29 pm

36 y/o female, works in medical field (Occupational Therapist).

I have hx. of blood streaked mucus for 2 months. I will pass only mucus and when I do pass stool, it is covered w/ mucus. I have a GI doc. who did a colonoscopy last week. Saw him yesterday. He was surprised by the pathology report, because he only saw visible redness in the rectum, but the pathology report stated inflammation throughout the colon. Dx was nonspecific Colitis. He put me on Asacol for three months, will tapper off, and see if the symptoms return.

I have had a recurring nasal scabbing of yellow crusting. My primary ordered bactroban ointment which I use to manage, but this really reoccurs every other month or so. I have NOT had a nasal swab done, but wonder if it is MRSA.

My question is: Can presence of MRSA in the nasal cavities travel to the colon and cause my current symptoms? My GI is not aware of my current nasal situation. Should I tell my GI doc. about the nasal condition?

Thank you!

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Theresa Jones, RN
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Re: Nonspecific Colitis/MRSA

Postby Theresa Jones, RN » Sat Apr 19, 2008 9:29 am

Hi ryann,
A +MRSA nares swab may indicate colonization with the bacteria. You could certainly inquire regarding testing with your physician. Stool can be tested for a multitude of infections. Was your stool sampled for any bacteria, i.e., MRSA, CDiff (clostridium difficile), etc.? Best wishes.
Theresa Jones, RN

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