Help with back pain and ostoemylities

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Help with back pain and ostoemylities

Postby skm » Wed Mar 25, 2009 7:39 pm

What will help the pain from osteomylities, degenerative disc disease, L5S1 discectomy and several bulging discs?

I was in a MVA, emergency discectomy, still suffering the original pain(caudina equina suspected). I had relief for THREE days after surgery. I am concerened with the numbness spreading. Cramps in the right hip,thigh and calf are also spreading to the left leg and hip as well as moving up into my shoulder areas. I lose my balance easily, (falling), walking with great pain (and increasing!) Osteomylities was found 18 months after surgery. (Chronic?)

I have tried several pain medications but was taken off as they were not relieving the pain just partial symptoms.

I am currently in pain management with no solution in sight as i am not a candidate for nerve root injections or any other options given. My general practicioner is no help as she feels this pain is in my head not my body. I would like to locate a new perspective on this, how do i approach this in finding a new gp?

Any suggestions on a) pain control and b) will this ever go away.
I am at a loss for sleep and just plain normal life.

Thank you

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Tom Plamondon PA-C
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Re: Help with back pain and ostoemylities

Postby Tom Plamondon PA-C » Thu Mar 26, 2009 4:42 pm

I am sorry to hear about the MVA and subsequent back problems.
If indeed the spine has osteomyelitis, you are a candidate for IV antibiotics. Often these can be done as an outpatient at your local hospital and often a PICC line is placed for delivery of IV. The osteomyelitis is a significant concern to address.

Talking to the neurosurgeon about worsening radiating leg pain especially going into both legs with weakness is very important. With a history of suspected cauda equina (a neurological emergency), do not hesitate to see the neurosurgeon again for evaluation.

Lastly, a TENS unit for the back may relive some localized back pain. Your GP can order this.
Keep us posted and if we can answer any more questions, just let us know.
Tom Plamondon PA-C, PT

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