Maisonneuve Fracture

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Maisonneuve Fracture

Postby back2normal » Sat Oct 24, 2009 10:18 pm


I suffered a Maisonneuve Fracture about 10 months ago. After the injury I was 3 months non-weight bearing and another 3 months after that still not participating in exercises, sports requiring twisting. Aside from the injury to the syndesmosis I tore and sprained several ligaments in my ankle. My question is how long does it take to get back to normal. Any exercises I do now that have any kind of twisting or cutting cause pain. I haven't completely gone back to my usual routine for fear of further injury until my leg/calf/ankle seem strong enough. I do also experience pain in my knee with these same twisting exercises. My PT stated after three months of continuing the ankle exercises at home (which consisted of eversion/inversion/calf raises c/band) at this point I would be fine, running around and doing all I did previous to this injury but it really isn't the case. I do work out 6 days a week regardless of the stiffness/pain in my ankle or knee but I'm wondering if I'm causing more damage. Do ligaments take this long to heal or are they easily aggrevated or injured after the initial tear? Is there something else I should be doing or not doing? Stopping exercising is not an option, I went 8 months without already and it was miserable. How long do these type of fractures keep on bothering your bones/ligaments/activity?

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Tom Plamondon PA-C
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Re: Maisonneuve Fracture

Postby Tom Plamondon PA-C » Sun Oct 25, 2009 7:43 pm

The fracture to the proximal fibula itself should heal within 2 months. The ligaments take a bit longer depending on the extent of the damage.
A knee and ankle MRI would be indicated to see if there is damage inside the knee and how the ankle structures are situated.
Other than that, exercise and activity should be as tolerated.
You may also consider bracing. Severe ankle sprains should be braced for 6-12 months depending on activity level.
Take care.
Tom Plamondon PA-C, PT

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