lower back pain, buttox/hamstring pain

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lower back pain, buttox/hamstring pain

Postby k_vance » Sun Feb 27, 2005 8:26 am

about 2 months ago i was fishing with a buddy, i was rowing a drift boat and also pulling up an anchor which was about 45 pounds, to pull the anchor, u have to bend over while rowing and pull it up through the pulley, anyway i pulled something in my lower back, the pain lasted for about a week, the symptoms included sore lower back, and also it felt like my hamstring was pulled too. its hard to describe, but when it first happened i noticed that i was even experiencing cramps in my left calve. well after a couple of weeks the lower back pain went away and the only pain seemed to be coming from my hamstring. almost three months later, i have re-injured it, not even sure how, now i feel pain it seems near the tailbone from there it goes down my left leg to my hamstring. It hurts to sit for more than 10 minutes at a time, i noticed that it hurts really bad to put my left sock on. it also hurts to drive. I am not sure if this is a muscle, nerve tendon, slipped disk or what. i plan on going to the doctor tomorrow, i am aware that x-rays will probably be needed, but i don't have health insurance for another couple of weeks until my paperwork goes through. i was just wondering if anybody has any ideas on this. thankyou.

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Postby Clhouse » Mon Apr 18, 2005 10:07 pm

I have nerve damage that radiates from my lower back, tailbone area down the left buttock the back of the left leg to calf and bottom of foot. I have had three back surgeries to correct the ruptured Disc at L5/S1, My suggestion is to not wait like I did, the longer you wait the more likely you can cause pernament nerve damage, like I have. The pain doesn't go away unless I lay in a hot tub, but as soon as I am out and about it flairs up again..Good luck. When it all started it was falir up then go away for more than a year then it just got worse, causing me to go to the dr's and the only option fo rme was surgery.....

Good Luck..

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