Is Lovenox necessary with no history of clots?

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Is Lovenox necessary with no history of clots?

Postby mmm07 » Tue Oct 27, 2009 3:53 pm

Good Afternoon,

I have 1 copy of Factor V and 2 copies of MTHFR (A). I haven't had a blood clot my entire life. We have been trying to conceive and I was put on 60mg Lovenox at the start of ovulation and until my next menstrual or continue throughout pregnancy. Well, I ended having two early miscarriages while on the Lovenox. I felt horrible while on Lovenox. My stomach was so full that when I walked my stomach would 'slosh' around and my pants didn't even fit. I cried because it made me feel so horrible. Well, after the second miscarriage we got pregnant again, but I did not do the shots that time because we were to wait a month after the miscarriage. I am still NOT taking Lovenox and I am now just over 11 weeks with no issues, all labs have been "perfect" and the heartbeat is in the 160's. I am taking folic acid and baby aspirin every day.

Question: Is it really necessary for me to be on Lovenox when I have never had a blood clot before and everything is fine? I have been told that it's better safe than sorry, and I did that in the beginning and ended with two miscarriages. I have tried to find statistics on Lovenox results while pregnant, miscarriages and healthy pregnancies, but I haven't found anything. I have a really STRONG gut feeling that I do not need to be taking the Lovenox.

Thank you so much for your time!



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Debbie Miller, RN
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Re: Is Lovenox necessary with no history of clots?

Postby Debbie Miller, RN » Sun Nov 01, 2009 9:45 pm

In prescribing the Lovenox I'm sure your doctor is trying to be as sure as possible that you won't develop a dangerous clot that could put the baby in danger. You do get some anti-clotting effect from the baby aspirin and it's possible that is all you need. There is no way to be sure, even with the Lovenox (as you have learned). Medications must always be evaluated by weighing risks and benefits. If your side effects are making it not worth it to take the medication and your gut feeling is that you don't need it, that may be your answer. Informed consent is the important thing. You know the risks and benefits and decide what is best. Nobody can predict one way or another, but many mothers do have successful pregnancies despite such factors, with or without this medication. You have to do what feels right for you and recognize the risks that are inherent with your condition, then hope for the best.

Good luck.
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Debbie Miller, RN

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