seven year old twin with uncotrollable mood swings

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seven year old twin with uncotrollable mood swings

Postby anglico2007 » Thu Apr 23, 2009 8:07 am

I have been in denial for quite sometime that something is wrong with my child. When she was two my doctor referred her to a behavioral specialist. I took it as an insult to myself that something might be wrong with my child. I told him that she was just throwing a fit and every child does it. I didnt want her on medicine. i thought it was a cop out for parents that didnt feel like dealing with there children. I now see that certain children do need medication not for the parents, but so that they don't hurt themselves emotionally or physically. This is very hard for me to admit. I am in tears writing this. my child is a state champ in wrestling. She beat 42 boys at state. She is eighth in the nation. She is a remarkable child both physically and mentally. I just think sometimes she cant control her mind. The whole family walks on eggshells. The kids could be playing and laughing and she says there laughing at her. If we say or do anything wrong we don't know how long the fit will be or what it will consist of. Most of the time it is running out of the house or away from me at public place. It could be thirty feet or a mile. I have a hard time physically catching her. She is the fastest in her school. The final straw was she lost a wrestling match took off out of the doors and climbed two fences into a football field, climbed to the top of the bleachers and told us she was going to jump. She didnt and i don't think she would. its just a tactic to get the attention of me and my husband. She gets all of our attention. The other kids don't get near the attention because they don't have extreme outbursts everyday. We don't have insurance but i am taking her to the doctor. I just wanted to get some input on what on earth is going on in her mind. We love her so much and don't want her on medicine but it is effecting the whole family. Im afraid shes going to run off and get hit by a car, grabbed by a stranger, or do something that could hurt her. It is emotionally tiring on her as well. I don't want her to have to do this everyday. I LOVE HER SO MUCH! please help

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Debbie Miller, RN
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Re: seven year old twin with uncotrollable mood swings

Postby Debbie Miller, RN » Tue May 19, 2009 7:14 pm

Your daughter needs a complete mental health evaluation to find the correct diagnosis. It is possible she has some chemical imbalance which causes her behavior and if she can be helped with medication, it is no different than a diabetic who needs insulin. Many parents feel as you do and resist medical intervention or believe that if they are good enough parents they won't need it. The truth is mental illness is very common and some of the most productive members of society have been plagued by this.

Fortunately we now have excellent medications that can help most disorders so that people can lead productive and happy lives, free of the problems that have interfered at times. Be patient because it can take a while to find the right medication or combination of meds and/or therapy. It is worth it!

There are many types of problems but a good doctor and therapist can help you find answers. You might try a mental health clinic, perhaps through your local community health arena. Another good resource is NAMI (

Good luck.
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Debbie Miller, RN

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