TWINS with rheumatic fever??

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TWINS with rheumatic fever??

Postby prenee » Mon Mar 14, 2005 1:40 am

I have 4 year old twins who had strep tests done over a week ago. They both were postive. I was told Andrews was much worse than Nicholas. Both were put on Amoxicillin. Same day Andrew broke out with a rash, I called the doctor they said it was Scarlet Fever. Couple days went by his rash went away. His rash came before the medicine was started. A week into the medicine Nicholas develops a rash, I take him in they say it was an allergic reaction to the meds and to stop them. I was not gave another medicine for the boys but was told to stop it on both of them. The day before Nicholas broke out with a rash he was up all night crying over his knees hurting him. He was to the point that we were carrying him from room to room because of the pain. Blood was drawn on Nicholas and I was told all Blood test came back normal except the arthrits test. We now have to take him to a specialist for that. BUT... Now his twin brother (Andrew) is experiencing the same problem with his legs hurting him and can't seem to walk. They both have continued to run fevers but only in the late evening and through the night. Mind you in the meantime Nicholas legs felt better and he is walking again but had another episode 2 days after going to the doctor. I know this is not the other child just want the attention he is truely hurting in pain. There has been a weight loss in both children and very tired all the time. I know Nicholas has lost at least 5 pounds in the last 3 weeks, not sure what Andrew has lost. Now they have a cough that has developed and runny nose. I have been to the doctor office 3 times in one week, but seem to get a differant doctor or the new one on staff (just out of school). Could this be a missed diagnose or just several things hitting at once making me think it is rheumatic fever? There have been other people in my family that has had rheumatic fever before. Is this also heritary. I have also been told that it could just be growing pains but no way of knowing for sure. The doctor is not taking into consideration all of the symptoms. What else can I ask to be done to know for sure and put my mind at ease? I have never been this worried about my kids being sick, this is the first time I have ever seeked help from a posting site for medical issues... PLEASE HELP MY TWO BOYS!

Mother of 4

Dr. Heba Ismail
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Postby Dr. Heba Ismail » Mon Mar 14, 2005 2:57 pm

Dearest Penny,
Diagnosis of rheumatic fever is not difficult, and despite that, it is commonly overdiagnosed!
Now we need to have a few questions answered specifically:
First, we need a description of the arthritis. Is it just hurting, or do the joints actually become swollen, red, hot and tender? Also, does it affect the big joints, like the knees and elbows, or is there affection of other smaller joints?
As regards the rash, Andrew's, did it appear as pink to red rings or wavy lines raised above the surface? Can you describe their distribution?
Do either of your kids have chest pain, shortness of breath or palpitations?
Are there any abnormal involuntary movements?
Do you feel any small hard lumps under the skin?
Your answers to these questions will guide us a lot.
Best regards,

Dr. Heba Ismail, M.D.

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