Recent memory loss in 22 year old

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Recent memory loss in 22 year old

Postby poonam_s_17 » Tue Nov 15, 2005 4:13 am

I am 22 year old female. of late I am observing memory loss, though i always had a very good memory...also, i get these mood swings. since child hood i have been a kind of person who suppress emotions but oflate i have become vocal and very irritated and angry at small things....i lose my temper badly and very fast for small things...sometimes i am over excited and very jubiliant and other times i'm irritated like hell....also i have had this habit of day dreaming and talking to myself, imagining situations etc. Sometimes i feel panic and scared though there is no reason..sometimes i even see some transparent round balls moving in front of me, though nothing in actual..also, oflate when i get angry my face gets heated and my lips start quiverring , it seems the world around going round...Do you think I'm suffering from some ailment?

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Shannon Morgan, CMA
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Postby Shannon Morgan, CMA » Tue Nov 15, 2005 5:25 am

The symptoms you have described match symptoms of bipolar disorder. The memory loss, anxiety, irritability, euphoria, seeing things, talking to yourself and much, much more, like chronic insomnia, saying inappropritate and hurtful things when you are irritable, spending too much mone and much energy are also common everyday occurences when you feel good but may or may not be present at this time.

Of course, the other side is depression, total lack of energy, not necessarily crying or sad, although that can definitely be present. Some people with bipolar disorder do not have depression, the requirement for this diagnosis is at least one episode of mania, which is what you describe.

Of course, I am not a psychiatrist, you need to see one immediately for an accurate diagnosis. If you are indeed bipolar you need immediate treatment as it is a serious and devastating illness eventually if not treated.

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