Memory Loss, Disorganized Thinking, Concentration Issues

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Memory Loss, Disorganized Thinking, Concentration Issues

Postby Taherali090 » Wed Apr 23, 2008 10:31 pm

A few years back, I witnessed something on television. It traumatised me to the extent that it made me feel depressed all the time. I was severely depressed and anxious. I could not sleep without having panic attacks. I had witnessed a killing on television. I was grief-stricken and very stressed. I was starting to hallucinate as well. I was having flashbacks and nightmares. This continued for a few years and I did not seek help or treatment for my problems.
After I started going to School, things seemed to get better. Slowly, I was able "snap" out of it. The panic attacks went away and things improved. However, I developed memory and concentration problems. These were not that severe though. I appeared for my exams and did well. I also developed hypertension and was more sensitive now to anxiety than ever before. Anyhow, I was almost fully recovered.
After my full recovery, I started studying for my exams. In the beginning, I did well. I studied everyday and scored top in all my classes. However, my memory gradually declined. My concentration declined. I also developed Obsessive behaviours like everything being in a perfect order and stuff like that. My thinking was disorganized and unclear. I couldn't think about anything. Also, I relapsed. I started having the nightmares again. I started seeing the images again. It all started again but this time with low severity of the symptoms. I believe I relapsed because of the stress that I put into studying for my exams. I had to concentrate so hard that my eyes started to water and my head started to ache.I sought help for my issues. The doctor put me on antidepressants. Prozac did not work for me. He put me on Sertraline Hydochloride. Generic Sert 200 mg. My concentration and memory improved but only 40%. I am still suffering from severe dementia. The days when I don't get much sleep, my dementia is at its peak. Please help me. How can I improve my memory? Without my reasoning abilities back, I can't take part in therapy sessions. Please help me.

Dr. E. Seigle
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Re: Memory Loss, Disorganized Thinking, Concentration Issues

Postby Dr. E. Seigle » Fri Apr 25, 2008 8:48 pm

Dear taherali090,

It isn't clear to me whether you are currently engaged in psychotherapy or not. If not, it''s probably important to talk to your psychiatrist about getting started in psychotherapy. You don't need to feel that your thinking and memory is all back to normal; it may actually help them to return to normal by starting the therapy. If you are already engaged in psychotherapy, I would talk to your therapist and psychiatrist about your concerns. You could ask them to help you to understand why you are having these problems. Having a therapist at this time is likely to be important for you. Good luck!

-Eliot Seigle

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