fetihism and voyeurism..

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fetihism and voyeurism..

Postby faceittogether » Tue Sep 22, 2009 12:03 pm

Hello doctor,,
i am 22 years old..
and i want to ask about fetihism and voyeurism..

it is about a boy whom experience fetihism and voyeurism.. i found out that my friend (a boy, 22 years old) loves to watch and collect a lot of porn videos, photos and also *sorry to say* photos of women's pads (which are contains of menstrual blood)... i say it isn't normal because i think he addicted to it..i looked at his laptop and i can see a lot.. a lot of porn website he has been joining and those disgusting photos.. he can turn on just when he see those things and he act in front of other people, like a really good boy (a sweet, nice and serious boy) i'm sick to know that he act like he doesn't show to the world the real him.. who he is.. am i wrong to say it? is he really turn into that disoder? what's the best treatment for him? should i help him and ask to come to psychiatrist?

thank you doctor...

Faye Lang, RN, MSW
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Re: fetihism and voyeurism..

Postby Faye Lang, RN, MSW » Wed Jul 21, 2010 11:31 am

Hello, faceittogether,

I apologize that this response is so late, and I hope that this information will be helpful to you, and to others who may read your post.

While the interests of your friend are distressing to you, they don't appear to actually be fetishism or voyeurism. Fetishism does focus on inanimate objects, but the intensity of the focus disrupts the person's usual level of functioning. Your friend appears to function well within normal limits in public. Voyeurism is the term that describes viewing actual live sexual activity, generally in a secretive manner. Your friend's preferences may be an aberration from what you would consider normal, but they fall within practices that are not usually considered pathological. If your friend openly has shared his pornography with you, he has given you the opportunity to tell him of your discomfort with the subject matter. Discussing it with him would definitely be the first step to take, if you aren't able to accept his habits. If you have discovered the pictures without his permission, he may believe that his privacy has been violated. After talking with him about it, if he is concerened or feels shamed, he may benefit from talking with a therapist to help him clarify his feelings and comfort level, and make changes if he desires to do so.

Good luck to both of you.
Faye, RN, MSW

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