when to go to a doctor

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when to go to a doctor

Postby sapphoq » Mon Mar 14, 2005 12:26 am

hi. im new here.
i notice many posts are asking for advice yet do not mention going to a doctor.
i also notice that my own anxiety makes me hypervigilant when it comes to my health.
i am fortunate in that i have a gp who is able to combat my anxiety with his medical knowledge.
here is my list of when to go to the doctor:
1. anything which is out of character, dangerous, or has never happened before
2. total discomfort or pain
3. thinking which is out of character [ie suicidal or obsessive]
4. really sore throat, difficulty breathing, rashes, high fevers, persistant coughing
5. bones sticking out where they shouldnt be, severe headaches or injury
6. seeing, smelling, hearing things which other people don't
7. anything which causes housemate to say,"whats up with that?"

when not to go:
pimple, mild things which over the counter products make go away, things which a good nite's sleep can fix, bruises from dog jumping on a person, tummy ache from eating or drinking too much.

anyone want to add to either list?
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Carolyn Merritt, LPN
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Postby Carolyn Merritt, LPN » Mon Mar 14, 2005 3:58 pm

Dear sapphoq:
Thank you for your suggestions. This forum is for answers to questions persons might have concering medical concerns and is not a substitue for seeing ones physician. I believe there is a statement to that affect on the forum for readers to see. It would be impossible to know exactly what is going on in a persons life or to correctly diagnose them over the internet. That is something that we on this forum are certainly not trying to do. I am not sure which posts you are referring to, but most of my answers to persons encourages them to see their physician if anything out of the ordinary occurs whether physical or mental. While we can pass on information it is not to be construed as a diagnosis. Thank you though for your concern and your input.
Kind Regards,
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