RA Knees amd Hips

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RA Knees amd Hips

Postby Antsoppki » Fri Jan 13, 2006 10:45 pm

Hey, I know I was in Neurology a while ago, but like I said, I'm a mess. I'ne have RA for about 9 years. The worst of it is the flare ups. The fire burns like crazy but I do find that daily walking and (believe it or not) Ben-Gay and/or Icy Hot work wonders. I have tried many medications and found that the OTC med's are a good thing to keep on hand. I am not saying to go off your medication, that would be foolish, and in some cases dangerous. For temp relief and a good release of pain to get your joints moving, it works. It also helps to be mobile during this, so if you have mobility problims, ask your doctor if this would be useful for you. Also, AVOID CAFFEINE, it makes a flare up more intense and prolonges the pain. If you need a beverage, try decaf herbal teas, they taste great, and have many flavors. to spice them up try vanilla or cinnanom sticks. You don't have to live with RA, it has to deal with you!

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Dr. P. M. Aries
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Postby Dr. P. M. Aries » Sun Jan 15, 2006 2:21 pm

Despite your opinion, there are many good drugs today for RA. It only depends on what you need and what you get. These days, it is possible to get most of the patients almost free of pain. Concerning your tips, there is good evidence that special diets will help to stop inflammation. Like avoiding meat and eating lot of fish is good because it withholds things that are important for maintaining inflammation.
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