Atopic Dermatitis Relief

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Atopic Dermatitis Relief

Postby valleymist » Thu Jul 29, 2010 8:21 pm

My problem started last month when I ate something that caused my lips to swell and the skin around my mouth to break out in rashes. I took Benadryl but I noticed the rash was spreading higher up on one side of my cheek. So I went to the clinic and was prescribed Hydroxyzine 25mg as well as a hydrocortisone cream for a rash that I had on my finger for awhile but recently started giving me real problems. So it seemed the itching and the rashes were settling down and I noticed improvement but then I started itching a lot at night. I would wake up scratching my face and the finger rash. By this time I had switched all my products over to something more gentle, unscented including my detergents (I also stopped wearing makeup to see if this was causing it) Still no improvement! So I saw my doctor and after considering past visits with this latest he diagnosed me with atopic dermatitis. He thinks my new cleaning job is what triggered all this.

Well I've been looking for a new job but in the meantime I still have to work, I wear gloves and I use the most gentle cleaning products I can find. I take hydroxyzine every night but still I wake up at some point scratching. Some days are worse than others and I get new rashes (tops of my hands, chest). I have little bumps under my skin on the finger rash and it amazes me how one finger can cause so much itching. Some nights it feels like the itching just radiates up my arm even though the actual itch and rash is on the finger. I've been applying the hydrocortisone cream and it starts to heal then it goes right back to the way it was after one bad night. My body must be getting used to the hydroxyzine already. What else can I do for relief? I'm currently waiting to see an allergy specialist on Aug. 5.

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Dr.M.jagesh kamath
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Re: Atopic Dermatitis Relief

Postby Dr.M.jagesh kamath » Sat Jul 31, 2010 5:24 am

Atopic Dermatitis can indeed be a problem and it may interrupt one's work especially if he or she comes in contact with allergen in work place. Identification and ideally elimination of the offending agent will be the most ideal form of treatment.
Your specialist will be conducting patch tests to identify the allergen.
More recent non sedating anti histamines are more effective sometimes since they are longer acting too. Zyrtec (Cetrizine) one tablet at bed time maybe recommended for symptomatic relief be your family doctor till your visit your dermatologist.
Best Wishes.
Dr.M.Jagesh kamath MBBS. Dvd Consultant dermatologist

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