Possible surgery

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Possible surgery

Postby mlemcbride » Mon Dec 25, 2006 9:39 pm

I have just recently noticed a rather large bump in front of the middle of my left ear. I don' t think it has anything to do with my ear so I am asking for your advice. For a few days before I found this bump I have been having earaches and headaches. I think the earaches are from having to much water in my ears but it could be related to the bump. I don't know if this bump is just a cyst, or something more serious. I am only about 15 and I am a girl. Please write back to tell my what it could possibly be. Thank you.

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Dr. Chan Lowe
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Postby Dr. Chan Lowe » Tue Dec 26, 2006 1:39 pm

What you are feeling may be a lymph node. Many people are familiar with the lymph node chains in the neck; however, there are also areas with high amounts of lymph nodes in front of and behind the ear. If you've had a recent infection in that area the lymph nodes may swell.

I would suggest an evaluation by your doctor, just to be sure that this lump is a lymph node. There are a few other possibilities for causes as well. A direct examination will be quite helpful.

Keep us updated.
Advice and opinions given are based on the information provided and must not be considered an official medical recommendation. The limitations of the internet prevent an appropriate evaluation. Always consult your doctor if there is concern.

Dr. Tino Anthony Solomon
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Postby Dr. Tino Anthony Solomon » Sun Jan 07, 2007 2:21 pm

Dear Mlmcride,

I agree with Dr Lowe. I am currently working in Head and Neck surgery and we see cases like your own very often. Lymph nodes contain white blood cells which are your body's weapon against infection and other harmful diseases. These lymph nodes number in their thousands in the body. They are located in strategic areas to drain certain organs or structures. If these are infected or inflamed for any reason, then those regional lymph nodes will enlarge. They may persist in this state for a significant period of time. In your case, it sounds like you have had either a middle ear infection or an infection of the ear canal. Therefore, the swelling may be entirely innocent and expected. However, if it has persisted for a concerning period of time, I suggest you first consult your family doctor to examine it and then he may suggest an ultrasound scan to ensure it is nothing sinister. I think this is unlikely and you should not have anything to worry about, but it is better to be cautious.

Kind regards,

Dr Tino Solomon
BSc(Hons) MBBS
Senior House Offcier in Surgery

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