Post Surgical Infection

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Post Surgical Infection

Postby kitten759 » Wed Nov 11, 2009 12:02 pm

Please help me. I am 32 year old female who had a Laprascopic Oophorectomy on 9/26 of this year. After surgery I was wondering why it was not feeling any better. My abdomen was still very sore. Approximately 2 weeks after surgery it started showing signs of infection. The area below my umbilicus became red and warm to the touch and my abdomen was bloated. I saw my GYN who put me on Levaquin for 1 week. After that week I began having a yellow prurient discharge from the incision site. I called my surgeon back and he put me back on Levaquin at double the dose for another week.

I thought everything was cleared up and had sinus surgery. I was on Cipro for 1-week post op. Shortly after I finished the Cipro I noticed that the foul smelling drainage was back as well as some bloating. My ENT cultured it (nothing terribly exciting grew other than Staph). This week it seems to have stopped draining, but my abdomen is bloated/distended and still sore. I look like I am six months pregnant! I also get tired and out of breath easily.

I suppose that I am wondering if there is a risk of a deep infection? I also don’t know if the lack of drainage is a good thing or not. I feel like I keep getting the runarround from my Doctor.
Thank you!

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Dr.M.Aroon kamath
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Re: Post Surgical Infection

Postby Dr.M.Aroon kamath » Tue Nov 24, 2009 10:17 am

Obviously, you had manifestations of what appears to be a superficial surgical site infection (SSI).Antibiotic therapy had been given and it appears to have stopped draining.As you don't mention any local swelling or tenderness, it has probably been controlled.

The abdominal distension could be caused by a number of factors (antibiotic therapy included).

Hopefully, your symptoms would settle down soon with symptomatic management as advised by your doctor.

Deeper surgical site infections(including organ/space SSI's) appear to be less likely at this stage in your case as you don't seem to have any other symptom(apart from abdominal distension).

If the symptoms should continue or worsen, of course one should exclude deep SSI's.

However, your doctor is in the best position to examine you and decide if further investigations are warrented at this stage or not.
Best wishes!
Dr.M.Aroon Kamath
MB BS, MS, FRCS(Edinburgh)

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