Mom's odd symptoms, recent trip to Cuba

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Mom's odd symptoms, recent trip to Cuba

Postby Odd1Out » Sat Mar 28, 2009 1:02 am

My mother is currently dealing with some odd symptoms. This has been going on for about 3 weeks, give or take a few days. We got back from a week in Cuba (we're Canadians) a little over a month ago.
Mom is 65 years old, 5'7", 98lbs, and tends toward anemia.

Lately, she's been hugely fatigued, spending most of her days in bed, sleeping. She is experiencing nausea and vomiting, diarrhea and stomach cramps, fever and fairly profuse intermittent sweating, headaches and bad muscle pains. She says her stomach feels like its overly-acidic and roiling around. Emotionally, she seems depressed, too. She often says the same thing more than once, and just doesn't seem like she's really 'with it'.

She hasn't even left the house for over a week. This makes me really nervous, since she's usually a rather active, type-A personality, and it is really against character. She barely gives her 2 dogs any attention at all, and they haven't been for a walk in a week and a half. I've been taking them out for pit stops.

The younger of the two dogs recently developed a case of intestinal parasites and both dogs are on meds to resolve that.

I am concerned that this could be either a viral/bacterial/parasitic infection that she picked up in Cuba, or a parasitic infection she got from the dog, since she allows it to lick her face and isn't as scrupulous as she should be about washing her hands after the dog has been mouthing them.

Can anyone help?

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Re: Mom's odd symptoms, recent trip to Cuba

Postby Odd1Out » Wed Apr 01, 2009 10:24 pm

Further info on Mom's strange flu-like issues. It has been about a week since the worst of the symptoms, and some of them seem to be resolving themselves. She hasn't had the persistent diarrhea or the sweats for a few days, and while she still has the fatigue, she isn't giving in to it as much and has re-started her life, taking the dogs for walks, taking care of the house, etc. I'm still doing the stuff that involves lifting, like laundry. She isn't as achy or stiff. Her mood seems brighter, and while she still sleeps more than most people do, she is more active than she was.

One thing that is very strange is that both her feet have bright red colouration from the tips of her toes to about midway up her feet. She believes it is the residue of a sunburn received during our Cuba trip, but that was almost 2 months ago! No sunburn lasts, in the bright red stage, for 2 months, especially with zero pain. I can't help but think that this odd symptom is related somehow to her other symptoms. She does not think it important, and I do. I've been after her to go to the doc, but she won't.

Does anyone have any idea what is causing these odd symptoms?
She did have the dogs treated for the parasites, and they're now completely clear of them.


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