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ASA: Pre-Hospital tPA May Reduce Stroke Disability

February 24, 2017. 1:00 PM EST. Findings for patients given tPA in a mobile stroke unit Read article


AAN: Mercury in Seafood May Be Tied to Higher Risk of ALS

February 21, 2017 Certain types of seafood may be linked to the disease, early research suggests

ASCO: Pembrolizumab Is Good Second-Line Tx in Urothelial CA

February 21, 2017 Findings for patients with advanced urothelial CA that recurred or progressed after platinum-based chemo

AAN: Repeat Head Injuries Do Not Affect Motor Skills in NFL Players

February 20, 2017 Study aimed to see if former pro football players faced the same fate as many professional boxers

ASCO: Taking Abiraterone Acetate With Low-Fat Meal Can Cut Cost

February 20, 2017 Research indicates high-fat meals raise levels of the drug more unpredictably

Experts Warn of Health Threats From Climate Change

February 17, 2017 Additional 250,000 deaths/year projected from heat stress, malnutrition, infectious diseases

ASCO: Alvimopan Helpful for Men Undergoing Testicular CA Surgery

February 17, 2017 Reduction in mean hospital length of stay and enhanced gastrointestinal recovery with alvimopan

ASCO: Antibiotics May Have Negative Impact in Renal Cancer

February 17, 2017 Progression-free survival down with antibiotic use for patients receiving immune checkpoint inhibitors

Zika RNA Appears to Clear Semen After About Three Months

February 15, 2017 But scientists say recs urging abstinence, condoms for six months after infection should still be followed

Weekend Deliveries Have Slightly Higher Complication Risks

February 02, 2017 Slightly increased maternal mortality ratio for weekend deliveries, researchers say

New or Worsening T2DM Could Indicate Pancreatic Cancer

February 01, 2017 Type 2 diabetes could be the first sign of hidden pancreatic cancer, researchers say

Breath Test to Detect Esophageal, Gastric Cancers May Be Feasible

February 01, 2017 Test could reduce the number of unnecessary endoscopies, researcher says

Smartphone App Can Help Cut Length of Stay After C-Section

February 01, 2017 Introduction of app would yield 216 percent return on investment during first year of use

SMFM: No Benefit to Limiting Pregnancy Weight Gain in Obese

January 27, 2017 Research suggests obesity's effects on a pregnancy may begin before conception

CVD, Osteoporosis Risk Up for Young Thyroid Cancer Survivors

January 25, 2017 More people are living with other serious health conditions resulting from treatment, researchers say

SCCM: Hypothermia No Benefit After Pediatric Cardiac Arrest

January 25, 2017 No significant benefit in survival with favorable functional outcome at one year for comatose children