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Clinical Feature Model Predicts Colitis Outcomes

August 21, 2017. 12:00 PM EST. Clinical features can predict both colectomy and steroid dependence Read article


Specialist Access No Better With Adoption of Access Standards

August 15, 2017 No notable improvement in timely access to specialty services following implementation of standards

Fecal Calprotectin Is Best Marker for Discriminating Pediatric IBD

August 15, 2017 Blood markers, fecal calprotectin aid discrimination between pediatric patients with, without IBD

Review: Killed Whole-Cell Oral Cholera Vaccine Efficacious

August 14, 2017 Efficacy estimates similar during the two years after vaccination; efficacy reduced in third, fourth year

Subcutaneous Exendin Treats Post-Bariatric Hypoglycemia

August 11, 2017 Injections well tolerated with no adverse effects reported

Rotavirus Vaccine Cuts U.S. Peds Gastroenteritis Hospitalizations

August 10, 2017 Reduction in acute-gastroenteritis-related hospitalization rates among children <5 years

Colorectal Cancer Mortality Rates Down in Blacks, Up in Whites

August 08, 2017 Among adults aged 20 to 54 years, increase in CRC mortality only seen in whites aged 30 to 54 years

Non-Specialists Can Expand Hepatitis C Treatment Access

August 08, 2017 Primary care providers, nurse practitioners achieve same response rates as specialists

Guidance Provided for Preventing Practice Billing Errors

August 07, 2017 Practices should have a compliance plan and policy and someone responsible for enforcing it

Reconstruction Method in Gastric CA Surgery Affects Bone Density

August 04, 2017 Billroth-I reconstruction better than Roux-en-Y for preventing bone mineral density loss

Not All 80-, 90-Year-Olds With Rectal Cancer Are Treated

August 04, 2017 African-American race and residence in a less educated county associated with not receiving tx

ABO Incompatible Dual Graft Living Donor Liver Transplant Viable

August 03, 2017 High graft survival at one-, three-, five-years; no significant difference for ABO compatible, incompatible

Centralized Mailings Can Improve CRC Screening Adherence

August 03, 2017 Participants randomized to receive mailings had 31 percent more adjusted covered time over five years

Ipragliflozin Beneficial in T2DM Complicated by Liver Disease

August 03, 2017 Effect similar to pioglitazone, with reduction in body weight, abdominal fat only for ipragliflozin

Mechanisms ID’d for Curcumin Resensitization of Cancer Cells

August 02, 2017 Compound helps turn off pathways linked to chemoresistance in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma

Revenue Exceeds Expenditures for Many ABMS Member Boards

August 02, 2017 Change in net balance of American Board of Medical Specialties member boards grew from 2003 to 2013