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Hospitals Vary Widely in Moving Stroke Patients to Comfort Care

May 25, 2017. 7:00 PM EST. Doctors more apt to suggest it sooner for older, white, female, and uninsured patients Read article


Mortality Rates Found Lower at Major Teaching Hospitals

May 24, 2017 Researchers assessed 30-day survival for older patients

Enhanced Atypical Lymphocytes in Natalizumab-Treated MS

May 23, 2017 Enhanced fraction of atypical lymphocytes, especially binucleated and plasmacytoid lymphocytes

Statin Therapy Found to Be of Little Benefit in Older Adults

May 23, 2017 No primary cardiovascular prevention benefit seen for statins in those 65 and older

Patients With Polyneuropathy More Often Receive Opioids

May 23, 2017 No functional status markers improve with long-term opioid use, but adverse outcomes more common

Poverty Affects Severity of Organ Damage Due to Lupus

May 22, 2017 And, pregnancy complications higher among non-white patients with lupus

Patients Often Prescribed Futile Drugs in Last Months of Life

May 22, 2017 Researchers find many still prescribed long-term disease-preventing medications

Nine of Ten Practices Surveyed Have Dismissed Patients

May 22, 2017 Reasons include inappropriate behavior toward staff, violation of Rx policies, repeatedly missed appointments

No Link to Cognition in Diabetes Prevention Program Study

May 22, 2017 Intensive lifestyle intervention, metformin not tied to cognition

Eating More Fruits, Vegetables May Lower Risk of PAD

May 19, 2017 One-on-one dietary assessments and counseling needed in peripheral artery disease, researcher says

Glucose Peaks Linked to Cognitive Decline, Dementia in Diabetes

May 19, 2017 Glucose peaks tied to greater cognitive decline for those with diabetes and HbA1c ≥7.0 percent

Beetroot Juice Can Reduce Central Sympathetic Outflow

May 19, 2017 Dietary nitrate supplementation with beetroot juice tied to lower sympathetic outflow at rest, with exercise

Region in Brain Associated With Fear of Uncertain Future

May 18, 2017 Unusually large striatum is linked to inability to cope with uncertainty, researchers say

Tips Provided to Help Physicians Plan for Retirement

May 18, 2017 Strategies to save for retirement should be adapted through different stages of physicians' careers

Blacks, Hispanics Less Likely to See Neurologist As Outpatient

May 18, 2017 They more often end up in the ER and face higher medical costs than white patients

Global Burden of Cardiovascular Disease Assessed

May 18, 2017 Estimated 422.7 million prevalent cases of CVD, 17.92 million CVD deaths in 2015