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ACOG: Shared Decision-Making Key to Breast Cancer Screening

June 23, 2017. 12:00 PM EST. Critically important for patient's value, preferences be factored into process, ACOG leader says Read article


Many With Advanced Cancer Want Secondary Germline Findings Info

June 22, 2017 Attitudes toward learning influenced by patients' personal disease experience, health status

Nivolumab Doesn’t Up PFS in Stage IV or Recurrent NSCLC

June 21, 2017 Findings in patients with previously untreated disease with PD-L1 expression level of ≥5 percent

Family Hx, Mutation Position Key Variables in BRCA1/2 Cancer Risk

June 21, 2017 Study findings provide cancer risk patterns based on BRCA status using prospective data

Strategies Compared for Cancer Medication Submission Lags

June 21, 2017 Shorter submission lag for global trial, early-initiation bridging strategy vs late-initiation strategy

HCC Drops Beyond Five Years of Entecavir/Tenofovir Tx for Hep B

June 21, 2017 Older age, lower platelets at baseline and year five, liver stiffness ≥12 kPa linked to HCC development

Weight-Loss Program Aids Black Breast Cancer Survivors

June 21, 2017 Community-based, interventionist-guided weight loss program efficacious for early-stage survivors

PSA Testing Frequency High in Control Arm of Screening Trial

June 21, 2017 Over 15 years of follow-up, considerable proportion of men undergo prostate-specific antigen testing

NSAID Use, Survival Link Varies With KRAS Status in CRC Patients

June 20, 2017 Use of NSAIDs tied to better survival for colorectal cancer survivors with KRAS wild-type tumors

Imaging of Pelvis Has Limited Value in Hepatocellular Cancer

June 20, 2017 More than 80 percent of patients had no findings on MRI or CT; findings rarely linked to metastatic dz

Novel Biomarkers Identified for Prostate Cancer in Non-Blacks

June 19, 2017 PCA3 and T2ERG add utility for predicting prostate cancer when combined with PCPT risk calculator

20 Percent of Hospital Patients Have Side Effects From Abx Rx

June 16, 2017 One-fifth of those who had antibiotic-related side effects didn't require the drugs in the first place

Modified Colorectal CA Screening Score Improves Risk Prediction

June 16, 2017 Addition of BMI to Asia Pacific Colorectal Screening score improves risk prediction of neoplasia

Sedentary Lifestyle May Up Risk of Renal, Bladder Cancers

June 15, 2017 73 percent increased risk for bladder cancer, 77 percent increased risk for renal

Risk of HPV-Linked Second Cancers Up After Anal Cancer

June 15, 2017 Men have higher standardized incidence ratio than women for second primary malignancy

Cutaneous Malignancies Can Mimic Seborrheic Keratosis

June 15, 2017 Overall, 3.1% of cases identified as SK, irritated SK were histologically diagnosed as malignancies