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Nurse-, System-Related Factors Analyzed in Wrong-Patient Events

August 23, 2017. 12:00 PM EST. In 77 percent of wrong-patient incident reports, the process of identifying the patients was not described Read article


Higher BMI in Childhood Linked to Adult Stroke Risk

August 22, 2017 Increased risk of early adult ischemic stroke with increase in BMI z score from ages 7 to 13 years

Global Prevalence of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder 7.7 per 1,000

August 22, 2017 Highest prevalence of FASD among children seen in South Africa, Croatia, Ireland

Anti-Vaccine Info in Pregnancy May Delay Infant Immunization

August 21, 2017 Even if pregnant women later hear better info from doctors, they may still wait on vaccines

Hours Worked Impacted by Kids for Female, Not Male Doctors

August 21, 2017 Findings from a national sample of dual-physician couples

Depression, Anxiety May Affect Bone Metabolism in Older Teens

August 21, 2017 MDD, GAD linked to increasing bone mass; in females SSRI use linked to increasing bone mass

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Aids PTSD in Eating Disorders

August 21, 2017 Lower PTSD checklist-Civilian scores with rTMS of dorsomedial prefrontal cortex

Increase in Survival Without Severe Disability for Preemies

August 17, 2017 However, children born preterm still have high risk for developmental delay

Coping Support Assists Parents of Hospitalized Children

August 17, 2017 Meta-analysis: coping support interventions can reduce anxiety and stress, but not depression

Few Racial Differences in Peds Anesthesia Meds Administration

August 17, 2017 Findings after adjustment for age, gender, attending anesthesiologist practice patterns

Emergency Departments See Few Cases of Sepsis in Adolescents

August 16, 2017 Every 100 years, each of 12 emergency departments would treat 2.8 fatal sepsis cases

Automated Analyses of Night Blood O2 Detects Apnea

August 16, 2017 Findings for detection of sleep apnea among habitually snoring children

Studies Used for FDA Approval of Device Changes Often Low Quality

August 15, 2017 And, efficacy of drugs granted accelerated approval often confirmed only years after approval

Specialist Access No Better With Adoption of Access Standards

August 15, 2017 No notable improvement in timely access to specialty services following implementation of standards

Fecal Calprotectin Is Best Marker for Discriminating Pediatric IBD

August 15, 2017 Blood markers, fecal calprotectin aid discrimination between pediatric patients with, without IBD

Sleep Duration Inversely Linked to Risk Markers of T2DM in Kids

August 15, 2017 Strong inverse correlations between sleep duration, adiposity, diabetes risk markers in children