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Procalcitonin Testing Not Impacting Antibiotic Rx for COPD

August 18, 2017. 7:00 PM EST. Findings among patients hospitalized for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease exacerbation Read article


Online Nursing Education Can Up Patient Use of VTE Prophylaxis

August 17, 2017 Online training aims to make sure those hospitalized get treatment to prevent venous thromboembolism

Opioid Rx Frequently Issued for Nonspecific, Spinal Conditions

August 17, 2017 Spine, orthopedic disorders most prominent among categories of conditions linked to initial opioid Rx

Evolocumab Doesn’t Affect Cognition When Added to Statins

August 17, 2017 No significant between-group difference for patients receiving evolocumab or placebo added to statins

Limited Economic Evidence for Vitiligo Treatments

August 17, 2017 Research reveals no evidence to support or refute value for money afforded by vitiligo treatments

Few Racial Differences in Peds Anesthesia Meds Administration

August 17, 2017 Findings after adjustment for age, gender, attending anesthesiologist practice patterns

Intensive Blood Pressure Tx Aids Those With Prediabetes

August 17, 2017 Beneficial effects seen for cardiovascular disease outcomes, all-cause mortality

Electrotherapy, Acupuncture Ease Post Knee Arthroplasty Pain

August 16, 2017 Meta-analysis shows drop in use of opioids for electrotherapy; delayed opioid use with acupuncture

Falling Insulin Requirement Linked to Placental Dysfunction

August 16, 2017 FIR ≥15 percent linked to increased risk of composite of clinical markers of placental dysfunction

Studies Used for FDA Approval of Device Changes Often Low Quality

August 15, 2017 And, efficacy of drugs granted accelerated approval often confirmed only years after approval

High Platelet Reactivity Tied to Ischemic, Bleeding Outcomes

August 15, 2017 Findings based on two-year follow-up after drug-eluting stent implantation

Majority of Patients Require Few Opioids After Hernia Repair

August 15, 2017 Low opioid analgesic prescribing is achievable for patients undergoing hernia repair

Review: Killed Whole-Cell Oral Cholera Vaccine Efficacious

August 14, 2017 Efficacy estimates similar during the two years after vaccination; efficacy reduced in third, fourth year

Cannabis Intoxication Admissions in Children Up in France

August 14, 2017 Increase in annual admissions for children from 2004 to 2014; 71 percent of patients were ≤18 months

ICU Admissions for Opioid Overdose Up From 2009 to 2015

August 14, 2017 Average annual mortality rate was 7 percent, with increase to 10 percent in 2015

Statin Use Among Nursing Home Residents Varies Significantly

August 14, 2017 Between-physician variability accounted for 9.1 percent of unexplained variation in statin use