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Health Tip: Remove a Splinter

Last Updated: December 04, 2012.

(HealthDay News) -- Even if a splinter doesn't hurt, you should remove it properly without delay to prevent possible infection.

The Nemours Foundation offers these suggestions for removing a splinter:

  • Using soap and water, carefully wash your hands and the area affected by the splinter.
  • Sterilize a needle and a pair of tweezers by dipping the ends in boiling water, then wiping them dry with clean cotton.
  • If the tip of the splinter is not exposed, gently push away the skin with the needle until you can grab the splinter.
  • Gently and slowly pull out the splinter at the same angle in which it's embedded in the skin.
  • Once the splinter is entirely removed, wash the area again with soap and water, and cover with a bandage.

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