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Popular Heartburn Meds Don’t Raise Alzheimer’s Risk: Study

June 28, 2017. 12:00 PM EST. New research debunks other studies suggesting that medications used to treat ulcers, reflux cause mental decline Read article


Special Diets, Supplements for Autism Still a Question Mark

May 25, 2017 Analysis of 19 trials turned up little proof they actually work; more definitive research needed

Chemo Drug May Buy Time for Those With Bile Duct Cancer

May 18, 2017 For patients with the rare disease, survival benefit was seen in those given Xeloda, researchers say

The Water’s Not Fine: U.S. Pool-Linked Infection Doubles in 2 Years

May 18, 2017 Cryptosporidiosis can cause weeks of watery diarrhea, CDC warns

Too Many Americans Still Go Without Cancer Screenings

May 18, 2017 Report shows uninsured had lowest rates of mammograms, Pap tests and colonoscopies

Arthritis Drug Shows Promise for Ulcerative Colitis

May 03, 2017 But treatment isn't yet approved by FDA to treat inflammatory bowel condition

Eating Gluten-Free Without a Medical Reason?

May 02, 2017 It won't help your heart and could even hurt it, researchers say

Happy Mom Means Less Colicky Baby

April 28, 2017 Mothers' support system also seems to have protective effect, study suggests

Delay a Needed Colonoscopy at Your Own Risk

April 25, 2017 After a stool test shows potential trouble, speedy follow-up could be key, study finds

New Meds Make Inroads Against Crohn’s Disease

April 13, 2017 Study finds fewer patients now end up in hospital as drugs keep illness at bay

Is Surgery Always Necessary for Gallstones?

April 07, 2017 Study found some people with gallstone pancreatitis are OK years later even without gallbladder removal

A Surprising Culprit Behind Celiac Disease?

April 06, 2017 Study suggests harmless viruses may set stage for immune system response to the grain protein gluten

FDA OKs 1st At-Home Genetic Tests for 10 Disorders

April 06, 2017 Saliva analysis can indicate higher risk of Parkinson's disease, among others, agency says

Many Disabled Adults Aren’t Screened for Colon Cancer: Study

April 05, 2017 Transportation issues, lack of awareness and other barriers may be at issue

Study Links Celiac Disease, Anorexia

April 04, 2017 Chances of being diagnosed with eating disorder were higher in those with gluten intolerance

Infections More Common in People With Schizophrenia

April 04, 2017 Ills include HIV, hepatitis and the serious blood infection sepsis, study suggests