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For a Fun and Safe Tropical Getaway, Plan Ahead

February 17, 2017. 1:00 PM EST. Be aware of unusual health risks in the Caribbean and Central and South America, doctor advises Read article


Antibiotic Overuse Behind ‘Superbug’ Outbreak in U.K. Hospitals

January 25, 2017 Finding could have implications for U.S. hospitals, study authors say

Stress May Explain Digestive Issues in Kids With Autism

January 20, 2017 Elevated stress hormone levels linked to stomach problems among these children, researchers say

Study Ties Inflammation, Gut Bacteria to Type 1 Diabetes

January 19, 2017 However, it's not yet clear if these factors actually cause the disease

For a Colicky Baby, You Might Give Acupuncture a Try

January 16, 2017 Treatment with 1 to 5 needles might stop the excessive crying, Swedish researchers say

Study Questions ‘Fecal Transplant’ Treatment for Gut Infection

January 13, 2017 In direct comparison, researchers found no real difference compared to antibiotics

Sushi Lovers, Beware: Tapeworm Now Found in U.S. Salmon

January 12, 2017 But risk of infection is low, infectious disease doctor says

Lots of Red Meat May Be Tied to Gut Disorder in Men

January 10, 2017 Diverticulitis involves tears or blockages in colon and can be very painful

Special Diet May Be Boon for Kids With Crohn’s, Colitis

January 09, 2017 Eating plan focuses on natural, non-processed foods, such as fruits, veggies and nuts

Are Heartburn Meds During Pregnancy Linked to Asthma in Kids?

January 09, 2017 Analysis suggests, but doesn't prove, that these children were one-third more likely to see a doctor for asthma

Obamacare Boosts Breast Cancer Screening, Study Finds

January 09, 2017 Waiving costs appears to improve mammography rates, but not colonoscopy, even among the poor

Vomiting Disorder on Rise in Weed-Friendly Colorado

January 05, 2017 Doctors say problem may become more widespread as more states decriminalize possession of pot

Heartburn Drugs May Raise Risk of Stomach Infections: Study

January 05, 2017 Suggests long-term use of acid suppressors might open door to C. difficile and Campylobacter bacteria

Gastro Issues May Be Downside to Weight-Loss Surgery

December 29, 2016 Stomach problems, food intolerance plagued many patients even 2 years after procedure, study found

Some Low-Income, Uninsured Patients Aren’t Referred for Colonoscopy

December 13, 2016 Follow-up is not consistent, even if they're part of 'safety net' health program

Emergency Surgery Riskier for Kids in Poorer Countries

December 13, 2016 Seven times more likely to die within 30 days of abdominal procedures for appendicitis, hernias, study finds