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Tissue Testing Can Spot Zika at Birth: CDC

June 22, 2017. 2:00 PM EST. Just 1 in 10 possible cases actually proved positive, report says Read article


Guns Kill or Wound 7,000 U.S. Kids a Year: Report

June 19, 2017 It's a 'uniquely American problem,' one pediatrician says

Cooking Out? Don’t Forget Your Food Thermometer

June 17, 2017 Keeping everything at a safe temperature will help prevent food-borne illnesses

‘Good’ Donor Bacteria Can Last Long Term in Stool Transplant Patients

June 16, 2017 Small study shows helpful gut germs are still there 2 years on

U.S. Hospitals Still Prescribe Too Many Antibiotics: Study

June 15, 2017 1 in 5 patients experiences side effects from the drugs, which often aren't necessary

Hospitals Get Good News About Fighting Staph Infections

June 14, 2017 Resistance to key antibiotic treatments decreased -- a rarity, experts say

Fever During Pregnancy Tied to Autism in Study

June 14, 2017 But absolute risk is low, researcher says

It’s a Tough Flu Season … for Dogs

June 14, 2017 Humans can't catch it, but new canine virus can make your pet 'sick as a dog'

Flu Shot Falls Short More Often for Obese People: Study

June 13, 2017 Immune cells that guard against the virus don't function properly, researchers say

Adding in Prescription for Partner Boosts STD Care

June 13, 2017 Lower chlamydia, gonorrhea rates seen when one person can obtain treatment for both partners

Bats Harbor Viruses That Could Cause Outbreaks in Humans

June 12, 2017 Two of these are linked to past infections with serious respiratory diseases

Vaginal Bacteria May Affect Herpes and Zika Transmission

June 09, 2017 Healthy 'bugs' might alter how the viruses work, researcher says

Experimental Zika Vaccine Protects Mice Against Virus: Study

June 09, 2017 Just one dose provided 100 percent protection, researcher says

1 in 20 Pregnant Women Infected With Zika Have Babies With Birth Defects: CDC

June 08, 2017 Report from U.S. territories finds 120 newborns suffered range of devastating developmental problems

Heart Infections Spike as Injection-Drug Abuse Climbs: CDC

June 08, 2017 Typical endocarditis patient is white, young and from a rural area, report says

Newborns Sickened With Legionnaire’s Disease Via Home Water Birth: CDC

June 08, 2017 Arizona investigators say better precautions needed to avoid the potentially deadly infection