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Try Drug-Free Options First for Low Back Pain, New Guidelines Say

February 13, 2017. 6:00 PM EST. Recommendations state opioid painkillers should be last resort for long-lasting pain By Amy Norton
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Joints Achy? Don’t Blame Mother Nature

January 10, 2017 Study disputes weather's role in knee and back pain

Is Running Bad for Your Knees?

January 05, 2017 Study suggests it may slow development of osteoarthritis

Diabetes Takes Biggest Bite Out of U.S. Health Care Spending

December 28, 2016 Top 5 diseases, conditions accounted for $437 billion in 2013

Brain Scan Test Predicts Fall Risk in Elderly

December 07, 2016 Such a test gives insight into neurological changes that make falls more likely, researchers say

Hitting the Slopes? Keep These Safety Tips in Mind

November 26, 2016 Snowboarders and skiers should always use properly maintained equipment and be fully rested

A Benefit of Back Pain Surgery: Better Sex

November 22, 2016 Operation often leads to more comfortable lovemaking, study finds

Bonus From Your Blood Pressure Med: Fewer Fractures?

November 21, 2016 In study, a certain class of medications was tied to more resilient bones for older patients

Menopause Before 40? Risk of Broken Bones May Be Higher

November 11, 2016 And traditional preventive treatments don't erase added danger, new study suggests

Scientists Restore Leg Movement in Paralyzed Monkeys

November 09, 2016 Wireless connection allowed brain to send signals to spine, but human trials still a long way off

New Spine Stimulation Device Provides Pain Relief

November 09, 2016 High-frequency therapy helps block pain signals better than low-frequency treatments, study finds

Surgery Not the Answer for Most Back Pain, Sports Doctor Says

November 02, 2016 Physical therapy, heat and ice packs, injections may help

Less Than Half of Older Hip Fracture Patients Fully Recover: Study

October 25, 2016 Geriatric experts cite need to set realistic expectations for the injured and their families

Long Spaceflight Seems to Weaken Spinal Muscles

October 25, 2016 Astronauts-in-training may benefit from core-strengthening exercises, researcher says

Many Take Opioids Reluctantly for Back Pain: Survey

October 24, 2016 Patients worried about the potentially addictive painkillers; say they only provide limited relief

Helmets Don’t Prevent Kids’ Motocross Concussions

October 21, 2016 Fractures, head injuries common for 8- to 17-year-old racers, study finds