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Majority of U.S. Parents Would Support Teen Switching Gender: Survey

August 21, 2017. 12:00 PM EST. Findings indicate growing acceptance of gender transition Read article


Less is More for the Adult Cholera Vaccine

August 18, 2017 Giving just one shot instead of two may be better way to control outbreaks, researcher suggests

Gun Access May Drive Higher Suicide Rates in Rural Areas

August 18, 2017 Study findings are based on 12-year review of deaths in Maryland

Anti-Vaccine Family Members, Friends Spur Many Moms to Delay Baby’s Shots

August 18, 2017 Study found even if pregnant women later hear better info from docs, they may still wait on immunizations

6 Out of 7 Teens Slip Up on Contact Lens Guidelines: CDC

August 17, 2017 Infections most common for kids who skip steps or ignore rules for sleeping, swimming

Young Breakfast Skippers Lack Vital Nutrients

August 17, 2017 Calcium, iron and folate may be shortchanged when morning meal is missed

‘Herd Immunity’ May Be Curbing U.S. Zika Numbers

August 16, 2017 But smaller future outbreaks are likely, scientists warn

Pricey Wines Can Trick Your Brain

August 16, 2017 Are you responding to cost rather than quality?

Fatal Opioid ODs on the Rise Among U.S. Teens

August 16, 2017 And heroin led to the most deaths among 15- to 19-year-olds, CDC says

A Violent Environment Can Wreck Kids’ Grades

August 15, 2017 Researchers find link between kids' sleep, stress hormones and academic performance

Lack of Sleep May Raise Child’s Type 2 Diabetes Risk: Study

August 15, 2017 It found link -- but no proof -- between less slumber and risk factors for blood sugar disease

Could Big Lifestyle Changes Be Key to Managing Type 2 Diabetes?

August 15, 2017 Study finds lower blood sugar, reduced need for medication

Local Crime Can Put Kids on the Run

August 15, 2017 Smartphone study finds young avoid their neighborhoods when threat of danger rises

Givers Really Are Happier Than Takers

August 15, 2017 Even small acts of generosity trigger a brain boost, study finds

Do Pets Really Boost Kids’ Health?

August 14, 2017 In a study that'll give you paws, researchers find no mental or physical benefit from a household friend

Maybe That’s Why It’s Called Work

August 14, 2017 Tough schedules, hard physical labor and stress in the workplace are widespread, survey finds