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Happy Mom Means Less Colicky Baby

April 28, 2017. 4:00 PM EST. Mothers' support system also seems to have protective effect, study suggests Read article


Should Prostate Cancer Screening Start Earlier for Black Men?

April 24, 2017 New study suggests the disease progresses faster for them

What to Know About Online Dating Sites

April 20, 2017 Always proceed with caution when looking for love in cyberspace

Marriage Could Bring Health Bonus to Older Same-Sex Couples

April 18, 2017 Survey found those who'd exchanged vows were better off physically and mentally than their single peers

It’s Yoga to the Rescue for Prostate Cancer Patients

April 13, 2017 Study suggests the ancient practice might ease side effects of therapy

Many Docs Don’t Discuss Prostate Cancer Screening Pros and Cons

April 11, 2017 Men with lower incomes, education and no insurance less likely to receive pretest counseling, study finds

Updated Prostate Cancer Test Guidelines Now Stress Patient Choice

April 11, 2017 Men aged 55 to 69 should discuss PSA blood screen with their doctor, expert panel recommends

These 5 Life Skills Can Boost Your Odds of Well-Being

April 10, 2017 People with these traits more likely to be healthier, less lonely and more financially stable, study finds

Multivitamins May Not Help Men’s Hearts, Even When Diet Is Poor

April 07, 2017 Study found no preventive benefit, but more research might still be warranted

Men More Prone to Severe Psoriasis: Study

April 06, 2017 Researchers say this may explain why more males seek treatment for the skin disease

Syphilis Rates Spike Among U.S. Gay, Bisexual Men: CDC

April 06, 2017 Awareness and practicing safe sex are key to curbing the growing rate of syphilis, sexual health experts say

4 in 10 U.S. Adults Under 60 Carry HPV

April 06, 2017 But vaccine should turn the tide against virus that can cause cancer, sexual health expert says

‘Cancer Profile’ Is Changing for Americans With HIV

April 05, 2017 AIDS-linked tumors predicted to decline by 2030

Guys, a Good Night’s Sleep Might Save Your Life

April 03, 2017 Study suggests potential link between sleep deprivation and fatal prostate cancer

Survival Continues to Improve for Most Cancers

March 31, 2017 Still, more progress is needed and racial disparities remain, U.S. report finds

Health Risks Grow as Young People Born With HIV Age

March 31, 2017 About 10,000 Americans were infected at birth, and many are now young adults with medical issues, study finds