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Marriage: A Way to Divorce Yourself From Stress?

February 14, 2017. 5:00 PM EST. New research underscores link between stress hormones and disease Read article


Study Ties Inflammation, Gut Bacteria to Type 1 Diabetes

January 19, 2017 However, it's not yet clear if these factors actually cause the disease

Short Stretches of Exercise May Have Anti-Inflammatory Effect

January 18, 2017 20 minutes on a treadmill linked to drop in immune cells tied to inflammation, study finds

Can Coffee Perk Up Heart Health, Too?

January 16, 2017 In lab tests, caffeine blocked inflammatory response, but did not prove cause-and-effect

Protecting Ankles, Feet From Winter’s Assaults

January 11, 2017 Proper footwear a must, especially for people with nerve damage or extreme sensitivity to cold, foot surgeon says

Joints Achy? Don’t Blame Mother Nature

January 10, 2017 Study disputes weather's role in knee and back pain

Is Running Bad for Your Knees?

January 05, 2017 Study suggests it may slow development of osteoarthritis

Weight Loss May Ease Psoriasis Symptoms, Study Finds

January 04, 2017 Quality-of-life boost seen in obese patients who lost significant amounts

Powerful Drug for Advanced Cancers May Need Less Frequent Dosing

January 04, 2017 Patients whose disease has spread to bone can cut side effects tied to zoledronic acid, researchers report

Could a Germ Link Gum Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis?

December 15, 2016 Study may offer new insight into the cause of the joint disorder

Strength Training May Prevent Side Effect of Breast Cancer Surgery

December 09, 2016 Women who worked out twice a week saw less swelling in arms and chest, small study finds

Hitting the Slopes? Keep These Safety Tips in Mind

November 26, 2016 Snowboarders and skiers should always use properly maintained equipment and be fully rested

Bonus From Your Blood Pressure Med: Fewer Fractures?

November 21, 2016 In study, a certain class of medications was tied to more resilient bones for older patients

Delays in Lupus Care Seen Among Minorities, Less Educated

November 18, 2016 Prompt referral to specialist is critical with this complicated disease, researcher notes

Drug Stelara May Ease Crohn’s Disease

November 17, 2016 Medication is potentially helpful for those who didn't find relief from other treatments, researchers say

Pessimism May Take Unwelcome Toll on the Heart

November 17, 2016 Study suggests that glum folks have higher risk of death from cardiovascular disease