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Tattoo Remorse? What You Need to Know About Erasing Your Ink

June 28, 2017. 2:00 PM EST. Lasers, sanding and even surgery can hide a bad decision, but beware of ointments, creams, FDA advises Read article


Opioids Over-Prescribed After C-Sections: Studies

June 08, 2017 Pills women don't use may end up in the wrong hands, researchers suggest

Abused Women Prone to Unnecessary Ovary Removal: Study

June 08, 2017 Researchers think physical, emotional or sexual abuse may prompt women to over-react to gynecological symptoms

Is Full Lymph Node Removal Always Needed for Melanoma?

June 08, 2017 Survival was just as long for those who had less extensive surgery, large study finds

1 in 5 Weight-Loss Surgery Patients Using Opioids Years Later

June 06, 2017 Though procedure relieves obesity-related pain, it doesn't erase the need for painkillers, researchers report

Deciding If Double Knee Replacement Is Right for You

June 02, 2017 For certain patients, the 2-in-1 approach is a good option, specialist says

Gut Bacteria Changes After Some Weight-Loss Surgeries

May 26, 2017 Better diversity seen after Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, researchers say

Taking Opioids Before Knee Surgery Could Raise Pain Later

May 23, 2017 People who took the powerful painkillers pre-procedure had less pain relief later, study finds

U.S. Transgender Surgeries Up 20 Percent in 2 Years

May 22, 2017 Plastic surgeons' group identifies top transition treatments

Mechanical Heart Valve Noise May Mean Sleepless Nights

May 19, 2017 Some even report that others can hear the sound, study finds

Could a Weight-Loss Surgery Lead to Alcohol Abuse?

May 17, 2017 Patients who undergo Roux-en-Y gastric bypass appear more likely to develop drinking problem, study says

Diabetes Drug Gets FDA Warning Due to Amputation Risk

May 17, 2017 Canagliflozin tied to a doubling of amputations of legs, feet, agency says

New Guidelines Say No to Most ‘Keyhole’ Knee Surgeries

May 10, 2017 Widely used arthroscopy won't help arthritic degeneration, expert panel says

Not All Hospitals Equal When It Comes to Pancreatic Cancer Care

May 08, 2017 Academic medical centers that perform more tumor surgeries had better patient outcomes, study found

Artificial Hand ‘Sees’ Objects

May 04, 2017 Camera allows amputees to reach automatically for objects, as a real hand would, study finds

Busiest Docs Get Best Results With Heart Valve Surgery

May 02, 2017 Patients more likely to receive repair than replacement from the most experienced surgeons, study finds