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Infections Review Crossword


Click on the lighter boxes in the puzzle and a box containing the clue will appear. To write the answer simply click on the row or column you want to write on and type the answer in.

If you can't figure out the answer and need some extra help click on the cheat links below. These provide links to the pages on the site that contain the information rather than providing the answer right away. We this would be more educational and provide better learning of the medical material in the crossword.

Click "check puzzle" beneath the crossword puzzle to check if you have solved it correctly. Mistakes are colored red, if you do not have any red letters then you are doing well.

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3. Whooping cough

4. Streptococcal sore throat followed by centripetal rash for a few days which heals by desquamation.

7. Transmitted by cats and leads to a generalized lymphadenopathy

10. Presents with hydrophobia, aerophobia + convulsions / paralysis

12. Self limited dysentery with lesions similar to ulcerative colitis.

16. Viral infection. Umbulication of vesicles is almost pathognomonic.

18. Diagnosed by Widal test.

20. Malignant pustule

21. Viral infection. Rash is composed of similar lesions, centrifugal & do not coalesce.

22. Viral infection. Koplik?s spots in buccal mucosa (almost pathognomonic).

23. Human immunodeficiency virus

24. Virus which causes two diseases 2 diseases: chicken pox and herpes zoster

25. Caused by Leptospira icterohemorrhagica and is water borne. Presents with jaundice and haemorrhage and renal failure.


1. Viral infection transmitted by mosquitoes and leading to jaundice, haemorrhage, renal failure.

2. Undulant fever

5. It's a wound infection accompanied by local inflammation followed by neurotoxin which could lead to ophisthotonus

6. 2 stages 1. preerythrocytic (liver) and 2. erythrocytic. Sporozoites, merozoites, trophozoites (ring form).

8. Post infectious Arthritis, urethritis, conjunctivitis.

9. Caused by rickettsial infection. Diagnosed by Weil-Felix test.

11. Causes 4 types of infection 1. Bubonic, 2. Pneumonic, 3. Stepticemic, 4. Cutaneous. Transmitted by rats.

13. A bacterial disease that can present in 4 different sites: Nasal, pharyngeal, laryngeal, cutaneous and causes a characteristic pseudomembrane.

14. Caused by borellia species (spirochetes).

15. Bacterial infection that causes 3 diseases: bacillary dysentery, traveler's diarrhoea, reiter?s syndrome

17. Cysts & trophozoites, leads to steatorrhoea, traveller?s diarrhoea

19. Streptococcal subcutaneous infection which is more superficial than cellulites and hence well demarcated may present with bullae.

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