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Forum Name: Arrhythmias

Question: Tachycardia

 pennypeso - Sat Apr 10, 2004 4:31 pm

I was hoping to get confirmation about Tachycardia. I am in the process of trying to find out why my white blood count is elevated. My doctor (I am assuming) is thinking I have a UTI. I just finished taking Cipro and my white cell count did not lower, so I am waiting on the results from my urine culture. In the meantime I am really stressed over my Tachycardia. This has not been confirmed by my doctor yet. I went to the ER on Dec. 30th and that was what my paperwork said that they thought I had. I am currently on Toprol, which I am having anxiety over, because I am afraid it will drop my pulse rate too low. The symptoms I have when t I have an "episode" are: A warm feeling comes over my body, I get a little dizzy and feel like I could pass out. Sometimes I feel pressure in the chest and both arms feel warm, and then I get chills and it subsides. I haven't noticed if my heart is racing during the last few attacks. In fact, the last episode I had only lasted a few minutes. I had no chest discomfort but everything else. I think this one was brought on by stress. I had come home that day and had a message on the answering machine from my doctor to call them. I became very upset because I was going to have to wait another day before I knew my results. (This was to find out if the Cipro helped my white blood count). Why wouldn't Cipro help?
 Dr. Yasser Mokhtar - Wed Apr 21, 2004 7:49 pm

User avatar Dear Penny,

Tachycardia is a general term which in simple plain english means a fast heart rate.

Tachycardia is of many types.

Did they tell you in the er what they thought the type of tachycardia was?

If you have a uti, then a tachycardia can be caused by this uti.

A high white count can be caused by many causes, one of which is infection. Did you have any sypmtoms suggestive of uti, did your urine analysis show that you have a uti? Did you have any other symptoms that could suggest other infection sites like a cold, sore throat, sinus infection, a skin infection?

Cipro should help a simple uti and other infections as well. If the high white count was due to an infection, then cipro should help get it down.

Thank you very much for using our website and i hope that this information helped.

Yasser Mokhtar, M.D.
 pennypeso - Wed Apr 28, 2004 8:02 pm

The paperwork the ER gave me said I possibly had acute symptomatic tachycardia.

My doctor (the one that put me on the Cipro) said I [b]might [/b]have a UTI. And after I had taken the Cipro , he had me go for another CBC and a urine culture. The urine culture came back negative, but my white blood count was still high. (14.1) After the Dr. looked through my records he noticed my white blood count had always been a little elevated. So he told me to come back in 3 weeks for another CBC. (Which is next week)

I wasn't having any kind of symptoms of anything at all.
Thank you, I didn't know that a UTI could cause Tachycardia, that makes me feel a little better.
The Toprol lowered my pulse down to 53 over the weekend (which scared me,) so the next day I took only 1/4 of a 50 mg. (I was taking 1/2) I had called the doctor to tell them about my pulse and I told the nurse that I knew you can't just quit taking Toprol so I took a 1/4 of a pill instead of a 1/2 and she said that was what she would do.

I am feeling better, I haven't had another "episode" and I would really like to quit taking the Toprol. (I am having anxiety over it, due to it lowering my pulse) If I don't need it.
My next Dr. appointment is not until June 24th.

I was just hoping for another opinion on this Tachycardia thing. It really scares me.

Thank you for your time.
 Dr. Yasser Mokhtar - Mon May 03, 2004 1:34 pm

User avatar Dear Penny,

Thank you very much for the update.

The er report does not really help because it does not mention whether the tachycardia that you had was normal rhythm but faster than normal or both abnormal in rhythm and rate. Did they do an ekg and if yes what did it show?

You did well by not stopping the toprol suddenly. You need to take the lowest dose of any medication that would accomplish the desired effect. In this case, not to let your heart rate go any faster than it should.

In addition to the warm feeling over your body, the dizziness, the pressure in the chest, and the chills, do you have any other symptoms like nausea, vomiting, sweating, feeling that your face is flushed, ever had shortness of breath, wheezing, diarrhea, periods have been irregular recently? How long have you been having those attacks, are you allergic to any medications or any thing in the environement?

Loestrin can sometimes cause some emotional lability and some symptoms close to what you have been experiencing. How long have you been taking the loestrin and do you think there is a correlation between loestrin and these symptoms?

From your description and you relating these episodes to stress, these could be panic attacks although i usually don't like to blame panic for any symptom unless absolutely sure that there is nothing physical to blame.

i think if you have not been having any fast heart rate recently, this can be either because the toprol is having a good effect or because you don't need it. At this point, you can call your doctor and ask him if you could stop the toprol and see your response to that.

Thank you very much for using our website and i hope that this information helped.

Yasser Mokhtar, M.D.
 pennypeso - Mon May 03, 2004 7:07 pm

How did you know I was on Loestrin? I have been on them for approx. 10 years or longer. I did quit them for a couple of years at one time then I got back on them. In fact, when I went to my ob/gyn in January I asked her if she thought I had been on them too long. She went on to say that women can stay on them for as long as they want.

To your post, the ER did an EKG, and my original doctor said it was normal. (Dec. 30th was my first attack) I have only had one other attack (tachycardia?) and it was while I was in class about a month ago. (I am a 35 year old college student ). In fact, I walked out of class and went home. But that was the last episode I have had.
In addition to the Toprol, I have been taking 1/2 of a .5 mg. alpralozam (xanax). I only take it when I feel nervous or edgy though.

Also, I don't really have diarrhea, but I have had loose stools for quite some time which I told my Dr. about it on several occasions. He didn't say anything. I have not had any other symptoms other than a few months ago I was having irregular periods, but I assumed it was because I missed my birth control pill.

Tomorrow I go for my blood work to see if my white blood count is down and I am also going for a chest x-ray. I plan to ask my doctor if I can quit taking the Toprol when I call for my results.

Thank you for your responses, I am a little more relaxed about it.
 Dr. Yasser Mokhtar - Mon May 03, 2004 7:50 pm

User avatar Dear Penny,

i knew that you are on loestrin from your profile.

If during the attack, the ekg was normal, this means that you did not have any tachycardia.

If you get those attacks more frequently with fast heart beats, i think it would be worthwhile to wear a 24 hours heart monitor called Holter monitor to try and record the tachycardia episode when it happens so that we can find out exactly what kind of tachycardia this is, but as i said before, if during the episode, your ekg was normal, then you did not have any tachycardia.

Keep me posted about your blood work.

Thank you very much for using our website and i hope that this information helped.

Yasser Mokhtar, M.D.
 pennypeso - Fri May 07, 2004 6:25 pm

I called today to get my results but the doctor and the nurse that I normally talk to were out of the office until Monday. I am really wanting to get off of the Toprol, I am still only taking 1/4 of a 50 mg tab. But I was going to ask the doctor first. I haven't had an "episode" in a while. So I don't think I need to take it. And I am having a little anxiety about taking it especially after my pulse was low that one day.

I have a lot of stressful situations going on in my life and at the time of the first "episode" , I was really stressed. So I am thinking and hoping that I just had an anxiety attack and hope I can figure out a way to deal with my stress without relying on the Xanax.

I really, really appreciate you discussing this with me. My doctor's office is so busy it is hard to get through and when I do, I have to talk to the nurse and she is always so busy. Sometimes I just don't ask or forget to ask what I am really wanting to know. And I am sure they think I am a nut as much as I have called lately.
 pennypeso - Sat May 22, 2004 9:32 am

Well, my blood test came back normal this time. And I have weened off of the Toprol. The 10th day being off of the Toprol, I had an "episode", but this time it was different.
My heart didn't race with this one. This time I had a hot flash, felt like I was going to pass out and just didn't feel right. After, lying down for an hour, I had a weird pain in my upper chest. I started feeling around and felt a small knot that was very painful to the touch. I thought that was a gland. I went to the Dr. on Wednesday, my BP was 136/90. The doctor did an EKG, which was normal and felt my little knot. Turns out that is not a gland it was the edge of my breast tissue. Went for a mammogram on Thursday and of course more blood testing and a 24 hour urine. The mammogram came back normal, the Radiologist said that it was Fibrous tissue and the pain was normal. The doctor said he is checking my blood for a particular thing, I am not sure what, he did not go into detail. I think we are getting close to nipping this in the bud. I am feeling alot better than I had when I was on the Toprol. I am hoping my little "episode" on Monday was a withdrawal symptom. My Dr. said that was possible.
I have an appointment to go to a Neurologist June 10th for the tingling I am having in my face ( I forgot to mention that). And I have also lost about 15 pounds in the last 3 months. I told the Dr. that I haven't really been eating right and I have totally quit drinking sodas, which I would drink several a day. I haven't really worried about the weight loss until recently, I am having more and more people notice it.
Do you know what the Dr. could be checking my blood for? I am having a complete metabolic panel, I think a Thyroid test, (T-4) and a 24 hour urine. Thanks again for your help. I am feeling pretty confident that I am not having heart trouble.
 pennypeso - Wed Jun 23, 2004 6:31 pm

Finally....I have been diagnosed with a duodenal ulcer. Could this cause palpatations and fast heart rate? I have not had another "episode" in quite some time. Thank God!!!! I am finally beginning to feel like myself again. I have lost about 30 pounds which was beginning to worry me. I am hoping this is from the ulcer. But I have had every blood test done, I have been to a Neurologist, had an EEG and a sonogram on my throat, everything has come back normal. I am going Friday for a stress echo. This appt. was set up before I found out about the ulcer. I am going to go ahead and go just to rule out the heart.
 Pennysmom - Sun Jan 02, 2005 11:16 am

After dealing with an ulcer and Panic attacks? for a year (dealing with them), I am back. Last Thursday, I went to the doctor for a follow up on my duodenal ulcer. On the way, I witnessed a car accident. It really made me nervous and when I got to the doctors office my blood pressure and pulse rate had gone up. I told the nurse what happened and told her that I thought my blood pressure would be high. My blood pressure was 176/96. They waited about 15 minutes and it had come down to 150/92. I was also nervous about going to the doctor. When the doctor came in he checked my blood pressure and it had gone back up to 160/96 and my heart rate was 100. He listened to my heart via my back, my throat and chest. He suggested that I get on a beta blocker. I told him I had just seen an accident and was really nervous. But he said we needed to control the Tachycardia. He has prescribed Atenolol. I am terrified of taking a drug that lowers the heart rate, I have taken Toprol before and it lowered my pulse rate down to 53, so I got off of it. My questions are these: I have these type "events" sporadically, Is it really necessary to start a beta blocker for sporadic events?
Could this have been a panic attack? I have yet to get confirmation of the panic attacks.
I have a blood pressure machine that I use at home daily and my blood pressure is normally decent (anywhere from 128/80 to 138/90) but my pulse rate is normally around 88-95, while working ( I am a secretary.. no stress, ) or resting it has been as low as 63.
 Dr. Yasser Mokhtar - Tue Jan 04, 2005 10:21 pm

User avatar Dear Penny,

Thank you very much for the update.

In my personal opinion, if you just had sinus tachycardia, i don't think that you need to be treated unless you have coronary disease and your pulse should be controlled.

To diagnose hypertension, an elevated blood pressure should be found on more than 2 occasions during the same week. If during three different occasions (not the same day), high blood pressure is found, then this needs to be treated.

Atenolol is also used to control high blood pressure.

i can not tell you not to take the medication that your doctor prescribed, but you have to discuss it with your doctor if you think you don't want to take the medication because you don't need it or are concerned about side effects.

Thank you very much for using our website and i hope that this information helped.

Yasser Mokhtar, M.D.

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