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Forum Name: Hypertension

Question: Having feeling of Blacking out for Years

 kcpasco - Wed Feb 27, 2008 7:10 pm

This is the first time I have ever posted or found a forum like this to talk to doctors but I am very excited to be able to get everything out without sitting in a doctors office.
I am 26 years old, I am 6'2 and have a weight that is always somewhere around 185-190lbs. I have never drank any alcohol smoked anything or done any drugs in my entire life. Growing up I was very active and in very good shape. After high school I admit other then having spurts of working out maybe a couple months out of the year I don't get too much workout time in. But being at the height and weight Im at and looking in good shape im assuming I don't have a weight or just being out of shape problem. I also have always been very social in school and would never be concidered a misfit or someone who would get anxiety around other people. I was always popular and felt I would never get a problem like this.
When I was 19 and at college is when my problems began. I had always had an issue with doctor visits and blood and all that. I had passed out a few times durring doctor or dentist visits when I would get nervous. I was back from school visiting home and went with some friends to get my ear pierced. Knowing my fear of needles I was very nervous. Needless to say when I got my ear peirced I passed out and hit my head apparently. My friends woke me up I stood up and walked off a little woozy. I was fine after that for a few weeks, then while watching tv at a girlfriends house I started to feel like I was going to black out and started to panic and had to leave. I began to do this quite often after that and really never felt normal. Always felt dizzy and had symptoms of passing out, the blacking out feeling was pretty much always there. Sometimes it would get a little worse and I would panic, which of course doesnt help.
While back at school I stopped going to class and couldnt leave my room for awhile I was so dizzy I could barely stand up. I had everyone bringing me food and trying to get me through the day. After a few weeks of this I finally was taken to the hospital where they ran a bunch of tessts on me. All I really remember them saying was I had low red blood cell count and was dehydrated. I could have told them that after laying in bed for a few weeks not eating or drinking too much what did they expect. But they released me with them saying that was my problem, but I knew it wasnt as before the 2 previous weeks I had been eating and drinking fine and was most likely not dehydrated. Regardless they gave me some IV fluid and sent me on my way. I did as much as I could the next week to stay hydrated drinking water everytime I went to the bathroom and that just made me pee about every 2 or 3 minutes throughout the day. A week later I went to the university of washington campus medical center and they wanted to take blood. I told them I needed to lay down as I would most likely pass out, they said I would be fine and went ahead with the blood draw. After a few seconds the guy taking my bllod realized I wasnt kidding as my eyes must have started to look a little off so they sat me in a wheel chair and wheeled me to a bed. They proceeded durring that day to give me some meds and take chest xrays and a few other things and when they were closing up after a whole day of being there sent me to the hospital where they again said they couldnt find anything but I had a low red blood cell count and couldnt find any bleeding anywhere, after a rectal exam and so on. The results of my blood test at the medical center were low red blood cell count and the doctor telling me she thinks I have something in my blood stream allowing not enough room for the red blood cells and she didnt know what it was. I gave up going to them and withdrew from school and moved home.
The next year or two I spent going to doctors, had eeg done and mri and catscan, they ruled out brain tumor. I starting seeing a brain specialist and he was also a psycologist. He started giving me celexa a anxiety disorder drug. I took it for a few months and went back to him monthly and he would walk in the room and say ok heres another month of pills and walk out. I gave up on him and after another month quit taking the pills as I for one hate taking any kind of medication, and two they werent doing anything. I didnt notice a difference with them. I gave up going to doctors and decide I could get over it and deal with it on my own. I spent the next 5 years of my life in a constant state of disorriantation(forgive the spelling). I worked a job where I was around lots of people all day long, I would have a hightened state of being nervous every once an awhile or feel a little panic come on but for the most part I was in a constant 24 hour state of having trouble concentrating and feeling slight symptoms all the time that I was going to pass out. I have not felt normal or ok the whole 7 years since this started. But I always felt I could figure it out and solve it on my own.
After that many years I figured I should give a doctor a try again but of course I had developed the worst anxiety towards seeing a doctor. So its very hard to go in and see a doctor and its even harder once I get there to be able to tell him how im feeling. I finally went when I started to get chest pains.. Not horrible ones but I felt a constant pain 24 hours a day and I would give it a 5 on a scale of 1 to 10. I sat down the nurse took my blood pressure and looked up and asked me if I was ok?... I said yeah I feel fine actually this is how I always feel, maybe a little increase from being there but still decent. She told me my blood pressure wasnt ok at all and went to get the doctor. Apparently it was somewhere in the high 150's over mid 90's. Of course I said well being in here im sure isnt helping. I told him I really want something for my anxiety im finally willing to try some meds. I was getting to the point where I was scared to drive and even was anxious while sleeping and waking up in the morning with a horrible nervous feeling. He gave me a month supply of clonazepam and said he wanted some blood work to see if my body was creating too much adrenalin, as well as a urinalisis. He wanted a full 24 hours so I brought that in as well as got my blood tests done. I went back in to see him and he walked in said everything looked fine and walked out... I told him I needed more info but he acted busy and just walked away. Needless to say I was frustrated again and left with no new info and some medical bills. I ran out of the pills and didnt wanna go through the anxiety to go to the doctor to get more so my mom gave me some lorazepam which I believe is basically the same. I was only taking .5mg a day split up into two times, .25mg at day and night. I have remained on it although once again I have noticed no difference. The doctor also wanted me to take a high blood pressure med but I have heard horrible things about them from my dad who was a paramedic for 30 years. So I wanted to hold off on taking those. Over the past 8 months or so I have been keeping track of my blood pressure a few times daily along with blood sugar, weight and temp. Everything they regularly check on doctor visits. My temp is on average 97.8 to 98.4. My blood sugar is on average 80, never above 100 and sometimes all the way down to 60 but thats rare. It generally is 70 to 80. My blood pressure while completely relaxed and as normal feeling as I can be is sitting 130/85 to 90 with a pulse around 90 to 100... when I take it standing up its usually 120/78 with a pulse of 130. Those are rough averages as it does vary sometimes higher but never lower. Im not sure why my pulse is so high as that is like a target pulse for working out. I would like to get back into the doctor but am losing faith in that route. I wouldnt mind trying another anxiety med but I think anxiety is the chicken not the egg for me. I now can barely stand up in lines or sit in meetings without getting lightheaded and having a strong feeling of blacking out. When I wake up in the morning I already don't feel good and if I get in a situation with a slight bit of stress or if I do get a little anxious it imidiatly shoot my blood pressure up to 150/95 and my pulse is racing, I feel like im going to black out.
This has slowly been eating away at my life and what I feel like I can do as I have a fear of passing out all the time cause of how I feel. I know the anxiety doesnt help and I try my best to control it. Im looking for any advice out there and maybe come up with some stuff that I can bring to a doctor instead of nothing getting solved when I get there.

Im sorry for this being so long but I hope I put enough info to at least get a response and maybe someone can start to help me or send me in the right direction.
 Dr. A. Madia - Sat Mar 01, 2008 11:04 pm

User avatar Hi KC,

Having passed out once initially, it has made you sensitized and now you seem to have not only episodes of passing out but also anticipation and anxiety of it, which is making your problem worse.

Low RBC count or low Hemoglobin CAN cause this if it is significantly so.

Another likelihood is positional hypotension, though the BP readings you mention practically rules it out.

The precipitation of the event at the sight of blood or a needle prick leads one to think of the possibility of neurocardiogenic syncope [vaso-vagal syncope].

I strongly suggest you get in touch with your physician and discuss with her what tests can be done to rule this out.

 elizabeth87 - Sat Apr 18, 2009 2:23 am

ok i am only 21 years old i have been passing out since i was 5 but the doctors said i was fine when my parents took me to the hospital.But back then it wasn't so bad just once every couple years they said i was just playing to hard. But when i got to be about 13 it got bad i pass out at least twice a year.i have three sons and i passed out one day while i was driving with them and woke up to a guy banging on my window!The ambulance came and took me to the hospital they said i was i have panic attacks about going places i cant stand in line at the store because i feel like im going to pass out.Im only 21yars old and cant live my life the way i should because i always feel like im going to pass out.And its not fair to my boys i wont take them anywhere with me because im afraid im going to pass out.I cant work because of it i tryed but i cant do it.Its takeing over my life at 21 can somebody please help me out!!!!!!!! This is a everyday thing it don't go away i feel like nobody knows how i feel.People look at me like im crazy when im in a store checking out an just leave my stuff there and run out the store because i just cant do it im so afraid of passing out in front of people im afraid they'll think im dieing or something but i do feel like i am sometimes.i can see myself dieing young passing out and hitting my head or something or driving again and there not be a guy banging on my window to wake me up.Thats why i only leave if i have to and i always try to have somebody with me...So if you can think of ANYTHING please let me know!!!!!!!When i feel like that my hands start sweating my heart starts racing i cant see straight everything starts getting deem and the next thing i know im on the floor so if you can think of anything please let me know thank you.

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