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Forum Name: Chest symptoms

Question: Pain in right back / right lung area...

 Spike99 - Tue Dec 05, 2006 9:37 pm


I've had a pain in my right chest (actually, the pain in in my deep back area) since last April. The pain original come and went for 1 month and now its really starting to bother me. Viisted the doctors 1.5 weeks ago and X-Ray of single back and detailed right back / lung shot was clear. Also took a throat swab (to check for infection) and still waiting for its results.

If wondering, I'm 42 year old male. Last March/April, I started to get a pain in my lower right abdomen. The pain got stronger every day until mid summer. The pain felt like a hernia without the external lump. Went to my GP (in mid summer) and she didn't know what it was, refered me to a specialist. I got an CT done and it was clear. I still have slight pain in that area but it mostly comes and goes. My GP doctor feels it might be a pulled inner muscle or a small rip in a liining. But since its pain is slowly going down (6 of 7 days is now painless), this area should be painless in another 2 months. I wanted to mention this abdoment pain in the lower right abdoment / stomach area because it might be related to my current upper right back / inner lung pain.

While doing blood tests to figure out my abodomen pain, my doctor discovered I have pre-Type 2 Diabetics. My counts were 68 and 69 on 2 different tests. She sent my wife & I on a 1 day diebetic course and I now eat better foods. Foods customized for a Type 2 Diebetic person. And, I also "now" walk 5 miles every day - to help burn the sugar out of my blood. I wanted to mention this problem because it might be related to my current upper right back / inner lung pain.

Since last spring (just after my abodmen pain started happening), my upper right back / inner lung pain has been getting more and more painful every month. During the last 3 months, my lower inner throat has been sore. My right lympth node (under my right jaw bone) has gone hard 3 different times. After a few days, my right lymph node go back to normal softness (and no pain). But afterwards, I still have a sore lower inner throat and upper right back pain. The pain level in my back (deep like a lung pain) doesn't dramatcially change if I bend over, bend side to side, pick things up or do deep breathing. Its at a constant "low level" and sometimes, it will spike pain like a small area burn. Certain non-specific posture sometimes makes the pain level change. The pain spikes is like someone is rubbing sandpaper up my louter ung wall (if that makes any sense).

Over the next few days, I'm going to book another appointment with my GP doctor. Need to tell her the pain is still there, it's still "a pain" and we need to seriously get it resolved. Hopefully, she'll refer me to a specialist - who will do a throat scope or an MRI or other tests.

Any ideas on what this pain could be? I'm sure it could be caused from many different things. Including non-physical Anxiety / Stress. Is there things I should tell my doctor or certain questions to ask her - to help disagnose the problem?


 Dr. Safaa Mahmoud - Wed Dec 06, 2006 2:51 pm

User avatar Hello,
It is difficult to tell what could this be since your symptoms are very non specific and can be shared with different causes.

Recurrent Chest pain, lower abdominal pain, sore throat, and a lymph node that gets bigger and smaller all may point to some sort of infection probably viral.

You have mentioned that you have been diagnosed with Type 2 DM this would make you vulnerable or recurrent infection as you body immune system in weaker than others.

Viral infection and muscle pain can result from muscle spasm.
Muscle spasm is a body reaction to injury in tissues
Causes of muscle injury include:
Metabolic abnormalities like low Magnesium level and Hypocalcemia
The correct diagnosis is easier when other symptoms exist. The

Lower abdominal pain if associated with GI problems that came first are probably of infectious (viral) origin. The other possibility is slow bowel movement in diabetic patients (even if DM is controlled) that may reach up to constipation.

I would like to know about the results of your complete blood picture during these attacks and all other blood tests done before.
 Spike99 - Wed Dec 06, 2006 5:50 pm

Thank you for responding to my post.

The next time I'm at my doctors, I'm going to ask her for more details on my blood tests, blood (fasting and many other results) CT test (of my abdomen area) and my X-Ray test (of my chest).

Today, the pain in my lower throat and back pain isn't as bad. Isn't as bad as it often is. Hopefully, its on a "down hill curve" and over time, my pain in these areas go away. I know, wishful thinking on my part. Especially since my right back / inside chest cavity pain started last spring.

Being "a guy", I usually don't visit a doctor unless I'm in large amounts of pain. I'm sure you have a few "stubborn guys" on your patient list as well. I know, very dangerious attitude to have because just like a tooth that is deep pain, the damage is too "locked in" to eliminate. If the problem was caught early, less agressive solution would have be required. re: Simple filling instead of a deep root canal. I definately have to change my attitude when is comes to looking after my body and running to my doctors for help.

I do have some "good news" to share with you and others. Since age 38, I've had high blood pressure. My GP gave me "the BP pill" and many lectures. Lectures to reduce my weight, to do more exercises and start taking better care of my body. Being over weight (was 234 at 5' 10") and on a high stress office job, the lack of proper body care is starting to catch up with me. After being diagnosed with Pre-Type 2 Diebetis (in mud summer), I've been walking or peddle bike riding 5-10 miles a day. Usually 5 miles at lunch time and 5 miles after dinner. Since doing this for 5 consecutive months, my BP has dramatically dropped. It's now 130/80 LA and 120/80 RA (or the other way around??). Last week was my 3rd consecutive month "within normal range" BP tests. If I keep exercising, dropping weight (already dropped to 221 lbs) and get 5 more consecutive tests in the normal range, my GP doctor plans to take me off the BP pill. So in a way, being diagnosed with Pre-Type 2 Diebetis is a great thing. Made me realize that I need to focus more on my body, eat a much better diet and listen to what doctors tell me. Their education and experience really does work!!!!! A lesson learned I wanted to share with others....

During my next doctor visit, I will ask her for results of my many previous tests. I will try to obtain copies or write down the critical numbers.


 Dr. Safaa Mahmoud - Thu Dec 07, 2006 1:32 pm

User avatar Hello,

Thank you for informing us about you past medical history, it is always helpful for us to understand your problem as well as for others.

Please keep us updated.
 vignank - Mon Dec 25, 2006 9:17 pm

I am 17 yeasr oild, i am a male, with a pet dog. I had asthma before when i was 6-7 years old, but i don't have it anymore. I have not had any surgeries in the past. My uncle has high cholestrol and a heart condition. I am currently taking advil for the pan.

I have pain in my lower right chest area when i take in deep breaths. It feels like someone hit my lungs once i compleltly inhale, and this occurs randomly. It started 2 days ago while i was in my car, and it has continued to randlomly hurt throughout the past 2 days.

 Dr. Safaa Mahmoud - Tue Dec 26, 2006 12:58 pm

User avatar Hello,

Your complaint is more likely to be due to pleurisy.
Pleurisy is an inflammation of the pleura, which is a double-layered membrane covers the lungs separating it from the rib cage. Viral infections like flu, are the most common cause of Pleurisy.

The pain is felt as sharp pain which get worse by Coughing, sneezing, moving and deep breathing. Auscultation of the chest shows a characteristic sound known as pleural rub.

The condition gradually improves with rest, plenty of fluid. NSAID can help reduce the pain.

Other causes to be excluded (less likely) include:

- Muscle spasm alone can cause this pain which can be an unidentified cause but in many cases is the result of inappropriate posture for long time like traveling, driving and certain types of work.

- Sometimes Chest pain is not originating from the chest itself; instead it is due to problems in the digestive tract. These problems include IBS, Gastritis, gall bladder diseases and GER.

Cardiac causes, should be excluded in any case of Chest pain although it is likely to be in your case (young age, non typical symptoms).

Direct clinical examination is essential.
Best regards.
 Raven59 - Sun Dec 31, 2006 9:35 pm

I am a 47 year old female, not pregnant, a smoker, non-drinker. I work in a stand up job that does require lifting (appx. 30lbs) but have not experienced any injury events. Only one occassion of a pulled muscle(s) - in my left shoulder/neck about two months ago.

One week ago I was symptom/pain free.

I had a rather violent sneeze which resulted in immediate pain in my right chest, under my breast in or under the chest wall. This pain has not improved or worsened over the past week. I have been able to lay in bed which is a fairly soft surface without pain.

Today I went to lay on the floor to do my weekly sit up routine and found that I was unable to lay on my back without intense pain in my right side, starting about mid-back, under the right shoulder blade and feels deep like it were also under or in the chest wall.

As I lay back slowly it feels as if the pressure of the floor meeting my back is causing something inside to radiate the pain.
There are no visible lumps or bruising on my back.

While standing or sitting I do not feel the back pain (although the milder pain under my breast persists) unless I take a deep breath. While reclined or laying down I am unable to put full weight on that side or lift my right arm over my head without intensly sharp pain. Breathing, even shallowly, also becomes painfull while laying down.

I have no history of gastro/intesinal or heart related disorders. I did have an inflammed sternum as a result of an impact injury about a year ago which healed up and left no noticable residual pain or difficulties..

I live ruraly near a small town and the doctors in my area are not currently taking patients. I've been off work for the holidays this past week which is when the pain started. I'm due to go back on Tuesday and I guess I'd like to have some idea of what it might be
before I consider bothering the good folks at the emergency room.

Any insight would be appreciated.
 brantgirl1982 - Mon Nov 02, 2009 4:19 am

i am 26 years old. i am currently getting over the flu. in the past couple days ive had a strong pain in the back right side of my neck. there has been no relief. whether i sit or lay down there is still pain. i cannot get comfortable. i feel a bit dizzy as well.
ive tried stretching it, hot and cold compresses, had a friend massage it. nothing works. what else can i try?

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