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Forum Name: Chest symptoms

Question: Non-Cardiac Chest and Arm Pains

 Chopper - Sun Jun 06, 2010 10:41 pm


I am a 22 year old college student. Towards the begging on April, I went out for a jog, and began to have heart attack symptoms shortly after the run. I felt burning in the left side of my chest that would not go away for about ten minutes. I checked my pulse, which was just over 100 shortly after the run. I checked again before going to sleep that night and it was 79. For the next week or so, I began to have chest pains (these were not burning, but were more of an intense ache) and also pain in my arms. The pains would range anywhere from the left side of my chest, to the middle, the the right. Most often they would be on the left side and I would get pain under my left arm pit. I have also had pain in the forearms, at the elbow joints, and throbbing or numbness in the hands. After about a week of this, I laid down to go to sleep one night and had chest pains and shooting pains in my left arm. I had a trip to the ER, where I had an EKG and a chest X-ray done. Both came back normal. I saw my PCP and had blood analysis and a UA done. Again, the data came back fine. After having the pains several more times, I have seen my PCP, a DO, and a chiropractor. The DO thought I may have a spinal disc issue, but the Chiropractor subsequently ruled that out. The Chiropractor found that my spine was slightly out of alignment, and a few ribs were slightly rotated, but nothing serious. I saw a cardiologist last Friday who does not think I have either heart disease or arrythmia, but is going to give me a stress test EKG for the piece of mind. Since these symptoms began, I have been ill many times, my eyesight seems to have gotten worse, I have constant dark circles under my eyes, and I have lost between 5 and 10 pounds. My heart rate and blood pressure have been checked numerous times and both are fine. I am 6 foot, 150 pounds, I do not smoke, and I do not have diabetes. I have no blood related heart disease in my family that I am aware of. I apologize for the long post, but if anyone has any ideas I would appreciate it.
 Nepali - Tue Jun 29, 2010 9:38 am

I have the exact same symptoms what you have mentioned. i am 29 years old male 158lb 5'5'' . i have also done the EKG and chest x-ray and both came out normal. I went to the doctor couple of times and each time they do the same and say the results are negative not sure why i am having it. and this pain comes back after couple of months and is very painful. Did you had any luck to know why it is happening . or is there any one who can help. Thank you very much.
 LadyJC88 - Thu Jul 01, 2010 11:21 pm

My wife has been having the exact same problem. She's 23, healthy, non smoker, no asthma or history of any chest/lung problems. She's had chest pain (occational pressure too) in her chest that increases in severity when she breathes. This pain seems to come and go for no identifiable reason and has no regularity to it. It can last 30mins to several hours. It's been bad enough to wake her from a dead sleep. It seems to get worse when she lays down compared to sitting, however standing/moving around doesn't diminish or decrease the pain. The pain has radiated down her arm and caused her hand and arm to go numb at times. She's also been very tender under one arm although not on a constant basis. More than anything though is the chest pain. It's been increasing in frequency the last several weeks and now for the last week or so she's described the pain as a dull constant ache in her chest that flares up to the intense chest pain. We're both concerned but no one can tell us what's wrong. We're desperate for clues or suggestions.
 Ambah - Mon Jul 05, 2010 5:31 pm

i've had the same type for months now (I'm 16) i havnt been able to go to the hospital for a check up because my parents think its all in my head
the pain starts in the center of my chest and soon my whole chest is in pain
my right arm has been hurting alot recently and now it hurts to bend and unbend my elbow and my hand is almost numb to the point of where i cant feel it from the wrist down all the time and is now starting to take my breath away with each time it occurs it keeps me up at night and usually makes my stomach turn alot i've told my parents/family about it but once again they say its just in my head and wont take me to the hospital or anything
though if you do find something out about it i'd love for a simple answer even if its bad i hate it when i don't know whats going on in my own body..

 Chopper - Wed Jul 14, 2010 6:28 pm

So here is an update on my situation, since non of the docs have commented yet. I had the stress test EKG, and although my armpits throbbed while running, I did not have any of the chest pains for the 15 minutes I was on the treadmill. The cardiologist said that my heart was fine, and that everything looked normal. The only slightly abnormal thing was that even though I cooled down for 10 minutes after the exercise, my heart rate never dropped down to its resting rate before the exercise. The doctor told me it was fatigue from lack of exercise and can be remedied by conditioning. Most of my stress and all of my panic has left me since the middle of June due to the news about my heart and finishing school for the summer, however I have since had occasional bouts of depression. Currently I am having less arm and chest pain. However, I still get the chest pain while running or after exercise. It seems to be more related to breathing now. It goes away with rest. It feels like a squeezing pain in my chest most of the time just below and left of my left nipple. Other symptoms I am having are persistent dark circles under the eyes, decreased sex drive, and moderate to severe insomnia. I am eating fairly well and drinking at the most 4 beers in a week. The last time I saw my doctor about a month ago, he thought my issue was panic attacks, which I am not having. My best guess for the rest of you with similar symptoms based on what I have read is something known as Cadidiasis, which is an internal fungal problem based on sugar and yeast intake. I am going to try dieting accordingly to see if it helps. I would still greatly appreciate one of the doctors commenting on this thread.
 sando - Mon Jul 19, 2010 3:32 pm

hi, i have had bad sharp pains to the right hand side of under my left breast. i have had it for the past year how ever they only apear every now and then and last for about 5 minutes, its like a squessing feeling and when i apply pressure the pain is relaxed. should i be worried?
 Chopper - Mon Jul 19, 2010 8:17 pm

Okay so another update I guess. I had an episode about 5 days ago that probably a panic attack, or a panic attack plus something else. Since then I have been actively pursuing some psychological healing and it seems to alleviate some of my symptoms. However, I still seem to get some of the symptoms. Sometimes they are fairly random, with the sensations in my arms or chest of pain or a feeling of impeded circulation. I noticed after sitting for 3 hours at a time yesterday, that I get tingling in my feet and they fall asleep, even though I think that is fairly normal. I still get chest pain upon light to heavy exercise, not sure if its just subconscious anxiety or what, although it doesn't really worry me as much anymore. I decided to go for a run today, in which I pretty much went for a really hard run for about 20 minutes. about 2 or 3 minutes after I was done my heart rate was at 150. In another 10 minutes it was 120. 10 minutes later it was 98. Its been in total about 30 or 40 minutes since I got back now and my heart remains at about 98. Is this fairly normal? Again, I have the pains while I run, they go away as I cool down. I don't really think I'm gonna test my heart anymore medically, because I had 3 EKGs, including a stress test EKG (even though I had none of the pain during it), and a chest x-ray, all of which were normal. Is it just likely 100% in my head, or just a pinched nerve, or maybe something to do with my lungs? Any thoughts?
 Chopper - Sat Jul 24, 2010 2:11 am

I am pretty well going crazy at this point. My symptoms are exactly like ischemia and it freaks me out. I get deep dull chest pain in the middle of my chest, shortness of breathe, nausea, pain elsewhere in chest and in high abdomen area, pain in my arms, pains in various areas of my back, pains in my neck, feeling like I can't breathe, and pain in my armpits. Sometimes I feel a vein in my arm spasm. admittedly I am freaked out a lot, and have horrible mood swings. I am having real problems just walking around town getting chest pains and shortness of breathe, although not always very bad. I also get many symptoms when I eat. I have been taking pepcid once or sometimes twice a day. I am trying to get an appointment with a psychologist, but I am really afraid of heart complications. What should I do? Is there something definitive I can do? Should I beg for a holter monitor? I should mention that I seem to have normal heart rates whenever I check, although it does seem to take a while for it to return to resting rates after hard exercise. I read that exercise is supposed to alleviate stress, but for me it makes it worse. Anyone have any input?
 Chopper - Tue Jul 27, 2010 1:57 am

Hello again,

I'm kinda having a tough summer as far as health is concerned. Its kinda funny how much you take something for granted like your health until it goes downhill. Anyway, here is where I'm at now, in case anyone reads this. I notice that my heart seems to beat hard if I do something like get up and move around, or if I laugh hard (glad I still can!), or do stuff like throw frisbees or eat. Not necessarily fast, just hard. I had my mother feel my chest tonight, and even though she thinks I have a psychological problem mostly, she admitted that my heart seemed to beat quite hard. I seem to get overexerted with very little exercise at this point. If I go for a brisk walk up the hill I do pretty well, but more strenuous stuff really takes it out of me. Again here is a recap:

Since the start of the year I have had an ekg, a physical exam by an internalist, blood work, urinary analysis, and a stress test ekg by a cardiologist. I had no symptoms during stress test that I usually get now. All of these tests were normal.

The last time I talked to a doctor, he said it was all in my head. I'm going to be seeing a psychologist next week. I still feel there is a problem with either my circulatory system, or something neurological. Anybody agree?

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