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Forum Name: Male Sexual Disorders

Question: Ruptured glans after enlargement method by "strangling"

 Zim - Tue Sep 02, 2008 9:20 pm

Hi. -_- The day before yesterday, while I was masturbating, I performed a penis enlargement method for the head of my penis by "strangling" the penis just below the head, so blood gets trapped into it, which, with time, leads to enlargement. It was a long time ago that I did this but it's lead to any problems before, except last time I did it, probably three years ago or so, when it lead to bruising on part of the side of it, which is why I stopped doing it. Well, this time it not only lead to bruising on the side (different side than last time), but I also got these tiny wounds that started bleeding just a little when I got more erect. Something like this has never happened to me, before. :/ Anyway... I masturbated a while ago, again, and again, when I got the most erect, it started bleeding, except this time it was at least twice as bad, and the head still was bruised on the one side. I can't possibly go to a doctor about this, due to the intimacy of it - it really is out of the question, no matter what - so if there is something I should know for it to properly heal, please tell me. That is, if it WILL heal. Will it heal all up and be fine, afterwards, if I don't masturbate or have sex for maybe two weeks? By the way, I absolutely do not have any STD's; the only one I've ever had sex with, or done anything sexual with, is my one and only girlfriend and I'm the only only one she's ever had sex with or done anything sexual with, as well. I'm terrified that I've damaged my penis for life and I will have problems having sex, from now on. :/ Please say it isn't so. -_-; One thing is for sure; I'm never performing that penis enlargement method ever again... I don't even need it so doing that really was stupid of me, considering it caused me to get bruising, those years ago.
 Zim - Tue Sep 30, 2008 1:47 pm

Maybe five days ago I also posted this, since I thought my old thread wouldn't get posted. It has some additional information. My girlfriend and I haven't had sex, since then, nor have I masturbated. Here it is:

A bit over three weeks ago I performed a penis enlargement method by "strangling" the penis, right below its head, for a short while, in order for the head to become larger, with time. This isn't something I regularly use to do; before that it was at least two years ago. Anyway, I masturbated, afterwards, and the head started bleeding, a little, from really tiny wounds. The day after I masturbated, again, but this time the bleeding was many times worse. I decided not to masturbate or do anything sexual with my girlfriend for three weeks, so it'd have time to heal. Well, me and my girlfriend just couldn't keep ourselves from having sex, so we had sex after five days, instead. The head didn't start to bleed, so maybe three days later we had sex again, followed by about every two days, for a while, and now, since a few days, once a day, but the day before yesterday it started bleeding, just a little, again, and yesterday it was a little worse, and today it actually bled quite a lot. Is it ever going to heal up, properly, like if we go a month without sex and such, or have I damaged the head of my penis for a long time, because of that exercise? Other than the bleeding, the head looks completely normal, by the way. Me and my girlfriend used to have sex more than five times a day, before this.... it's really mentally draining to do it so little.... but if we go without it, for a month, or rather, if I only please her, will it heal all up, then, so we can have things as we use to, again...? Is there maybe some ointment I should use? Needless to say, by the way, I'm never doing that penis enlargement method, ever again... :/

I *really* appreciate any help... I cannot, under any circumstances, go to a doctor about this, due to the intimate nature of it. So thanks in advance...
 Zim - Mon Oct 06, 2008 10:07 pm

If I have no reasons to worry about this, as long as I don't strain it for a while, I would really appreciate if you'd let me know that... I'm having really bad nightmares, because of this, and I'm having problems sleeping because of it. Of course, if it's not that simple as just not getting hard, for a while, I do, of course, not want to hear a lie, but IF it is that simple, please tell me.

We still keep not having sex, because of this, but I honestly don't know for how much longer we can be without it....
 Debbie Miller, RN - Tue Oct 07, 2008 5:29 pm

User avatar Hello,
It looks like there has not been a urologist available to answer you question.

Most cases of fractured penis caused by sexual activity and most other minor penile injuries will heal without problems. You are on the right course by resting the organ and allowing healing. It would be ideal for you to have this evaluated by a urologist to be sure there has been no damage to the urethra or a blockage to the nerve or blood supply but time is on your side and I would guess a couple of weeks would give you a pretty good idea if healing is going well.

Many men are able to go without sexual activity - erection and release - for long periods of time without any adverse affects. It is a matter of self-control. In order to avoid possible infection or further trauma of an already fragile body part it would be worth the sacrifice. If after the member appears to be healed, normal in color, and without hematoma or bruising it would be safe to try again but be gentle and stop if there is pain. If you have any erectile dysfunction or ongoing pain you must break down and see a doctor. Trust me, a urologist is very familiar with such trauma.

You're right though - this strangulation of the penis head is a dangerous activity that should be avoided in the future.

Best wishes.
 Zim - Wed Oct 08, 2008 4:08 pm

Thanks for the reply. I first, yet again, need to stress that under no circumstances could I go to a doctor, about this, due to the intimacy of it. No one else than my girlfriend may see and touch me, down there, and the same goes for the intimate parts of my girlfriend. This basically is a religion to us, so it just cannot happen.

Having said that, I cannot possibly think there has become any damage to the urethra as there was no blood, any of the times, when I peed, nor did it hurt even though I peed right after it had started bleeding, every time. Also, it only hurt a bit right after I had performed that enlargement method, but the day after it didn't really hurt anymore. The other two times when it started bleeding when I was masturbating/having sex the pain was very moderate and barely felt at all. Also, there only was bruising at the time right after I had done the enlargement method, but the bruising almost completely disappeared at most two days afterwards.

Again, it just hasn't hurt much and barely even felt when it's started bleeding. Sure, the pain will feel much less during masturbation and sex but even after I've gone soft, again, it just hasn't hurt, except some slighter pain after I had done the enlargement method, as I said. It also kept hurting when I had gone soft, again, that time... actually, it hurt much more, then, even though it still wasn't much. I also am not having any erectile dysfunction.

I'd really appreciate some finalizing comments on this... now that I have given more details, is there any risk that me and my girlfriend won't be able to have sex five times or more a day, now? By the way, the night leading to Friday it has been two weeks since we had sex, since she gave me oral, etc., or since I masturbated... is it safe to have sex, soon? I don't want to take any risks, but my mind is just screaming for sex and I know hers does, too. By the way, whenever I get a normal wound it heals up quite quickly... I'd bet this makes a big difference on my chances to fully recover.

I'm extremely thankful for all help... so again, thanks.
 Zim - Fri Oct 10, 2008 8:54 pm

Earlier today we finally had sex. It was only a quickie, though... wouldn't want to risk anything, yet. :/ However, when we were done I checked how the head looked and as I kept getting softer there was some bruising that was visible on about an 8x8 millimetre area, at the place where it most was bleeding, two weeks ago. It could be seen clearer the softer I went, but it was just barely visible, anyway. When I was hard, however, it almost could not be seen at all and the head looked completely normal, otherwise. Also, I experienced no pain at all and there was no bleeding, and the head didn't look "raw," at any area, at all, so it didn't seem as if it ever was close to start bleeding.

Do you think it will be safe to have sex tomorrow (Saturday), again, and should it be safe to keep going for much longer, like half an hour? I don't feel very happy with myself when she didn't have time to come during the sex, today, because I let myself go so early. By the way, the method I use to keep myself from coming is to try to pee while I'm hard. Of course, it doesn't cause me to pee, but it does stop me from coming. However, when I do this I become MUCH harder and bigger than normal, so do you think it may be unwise to make use of this stamina method, already? If you do think it'd be unwise, in how long do you think it will be safe to make use of it?

Thanks for all your further help.... I will appreciate it immensely.
 Debbie Miller, RN - Mon Oct 13, 2008 11:19 pm

User avatar Hello,
I think your body will tell you if you are in any danger. It sounds like things are healing well and you can follow your own signals - if you have pain or bleeding, back off. If everything is fine I wouldn't worry about it.

Best wishes to you both.
 Zim - Tue Oct 14, 2008 9:50 pm

It doesn't heal up!! It's started bleeding a little, now, again, on the outside, but the worst is that it's bleeding on the inside, now, too! Inside the urethra... :/ my cum gets red, now...! ###### this is so horrible!! My life is over if we no longer can have sex. :( Why didn't this happen before I met her; when I was still suicidally depressed? I could've just killed myself, then. But now I have her to think about... if I no longer can live then neither can she. I know this sounds like the ramblings of a crazy person but I wouldn't exactly force her to die... we already agreed, almost before getting together, that we would die together, by our own hands, in the future. She used to be suicidal before meeting me, as well... well, we are still suicidal, it's just that after finding each other we didn't need to do it before after some years, instead... but if we no longer can have sex... then it's no use living anymore. I can't believe this is happening.... I only did that enlargement method ONCE, REALLY shortly, and before that it had been about three years that I did it, last time...! It's almost like it has to be a nightmare.... but I know it isn't. :(

Despite the situation, I still won't go to a doctor about it... I really would rather just literally die. What can they do, anyway...? There are no miracle healing pills, anyway. :( Please, if there is anything you can suggest, other than that I avoid getting hard for as long as possible, PLEASE help me!
 Debbie Miller, RN - Thu Oct 16, 2008 6:53 pm

User avatar I'm sorry you don't like the answer but this bleeding should be checked by a doctor. You should see a urologist and it sounds like a therapist might be helpful also about the suicidal thoughts, relationship issues and medical care resistance. Nobody said it would be easy for you; just necessary.

If you think the doctor can't help what kind of magic do you think we can do?

Good luck
 Faye Lang, RN, MSW - Sat Nov 08, 2008 3:46 pm

Hello -

After reviewing all the information you have presented, I would like to know a little more about the suicidal ideation that you described. Are you in any treatment for mental health issues? Is your girlfriend? Do you have a suicide plan?
It's important to remember that sexual activity is a powerful need. Since you have been having difficulty with no definite therapy to heal your penis, you may be getting overwhelmed and reactive, which leads to suicidal thinking. I am asking you to take a few steps back and calm yourself, so we can gather more information to help you. You mentioned having sex 5 times a day is normal for you and your girlfriend. That would mean that you could have a lot of irritation to the head of your penis. Do you add lubrication, like KY jelly, when you have sex? It would help reduce the irritation. Less frequency until it is healed is also a good idea.
You mentioned that for you and your girlfriend, sex is almost a religion. Is this just between the two of you, or are there other persons in this religion? Is there someone you can ask for help in clarifying your situation and identifying what would be allowed in seeking treatment?
If you would consider seeing a doctor, you could have your girlfriend in attendance, so that it would still have the level of intimacy that you want.
I encourage you to see someone in your local Community Mental Health office for support and encouragement in dealing with your issues, and to help your monitor your very troubling suicidal thoughts.
I'll look forward to your reply.
 Marceline F, RN - Sun Nov 09, 2008 7:36 am

User avatar Dear Zim,

I share the concerns expressed by my esteemed peers. There are a couple issues that I would like to address/comment on:
The original practice of deliberate engorgement has apparently been practiced by you in the past leading up to the incident 3 years ago with some complications. Without requesting any details of your sexual self-perception, I cannot help but wonder if your Ego and Id are intertwined into a sexually based self-identity. You do seem to emphasize a sexual relationship with your current girlfriend as the predominant relationship factor. I do sincerely hope that your tie with your girlfriend is more encompassing that only through sex. Your physical and emotional health may depend on that!
Since the two of you have certain issues in your past that has led to you finding solace and comfort in each other, it would indeed, as my colleague suggested, be of value to seek a mental health professional to help you deal with your suicidality, and with your focus on sex as being the only thing of value in your life,( so much so that you would seriously explore mutual suicides if sex were no longer available to you both. )
On a clinical level I would like to address your previous practice of engorgement. There are potential serious complications from strangulating the penis - and in truth, only a personal assessment by a urologist can provide enough information specific to your individual concerns. Continued bleeding anywhere from the glans needs to be evaluated in person. This is the only reliable way to determine why the bleeding continues.
If any "nerve" damage has occurred it may cause you to have less enjoyment with your sexual encounters. This too can best be assessed by a specialist. I can respect your view that you only wish your girlfriend to have any contact with your privates outside of yourself. However, a urologist is a medical professional specifically trained to deal with problems with your privates. There is no encroachment on your privacy, nor any reproach or chastisement toward the practice that may have led to the need for professional evaluation. If you are reluctant to see a specialist for fear of "scolding", please do not feel that way. Your overall health - physically and mentally is at stake. A urologist has only your best health and interest in mind. I suggest that you contact your primary MD for a referral, or through your local health clinic.
Continue to keep open communication with your girlfriend also, you may find you two have come together to find each other and appreciate other aspects of each other way beyond sex. And in so discovering - find that there are many more reasons to live for each other on a daily basis.

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