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Forum Name: Male Sexual Disorders

Question: Possible bleeding prostate gland after stamina exercise?

 Zim - Thu Oct 16, 2008 12:58 am

If you haven't, already, please read what I've said in my previous thread, first, about the bleeding glans issue. Here: viewtopic.php?f=80&t=24401

It is almost humorous when I keep posting these things after methods to increase the enjoyment of sex between me and my dear girlfriend. -_-;

Anyway... I just read elsewhere what may be the cause to the bleeding, and considering that the first time that this happened, my cum was much more brownish than reddish (my last post in the other thread was about the second time the cum was bloody), it is probably due to damage to the prostate gland, rather than the glans, and the truth is that I have been feeling that my prostate feels weird, since a few weeks back... it doesn't really hurt but it feels stressed. At least I assume it is the prostate; this feeling is between the scrotum and anus. I guess this means my glans is healing up, but now I have something else to worry about, although I do feel calmer, now, although maybe this is even worse than a bleeding glans. :/ By the way, I'm only 25, so any prostate gland problems have nothing to do with my age. Also, last time it bled it was pretty moderate amounts of blood... it was quite red but it wasn't overwhelmingly red; no indication of excessive bleeding, at all.

I think I know how the damage to my prostate gland has happened... since several months back I have kept doing a stamina exercise that, when performed for some time, helps keeping you from coming too early. The way this exercise is performed is by training the muscle that you use to stop yourself from peeing, by simply "flexing" it twenty plus times, once or twice a day. Has this exercise caused any damage of significance to the prostate gland, or should it all heal up as long as I take a break from this exercise for a couple weeks, and if I, after some rest, reduce the exercises to ten flexes a day instead of around twenty once or twice a day? I wouldn't want to stop with it, completely, as I really want the added stamina it gives me during sex. Should it be safe to continue with this exercise as long as I listen to my body?

Thank you for your help... I really appreciate the time you put down to help me... for free and all. Yet again, by the way.... under absolutely no circumstances can I go to a doctor about this, due to the intimacy of it.
 John Kenyon, CNA - Thu Oct 16, 2008 9:19 pm

User avatar Hello-

I've read your previous post now, and this one as well, and first I would hold off on performing this "stamina" exercise for the time being. Second, I would make an appointment at once to be seen by a medical professional, preferably a urologist but at least a doctor to start with. It would seem you've managed to injure the prostate or at least its blood supply (or possibly some vessel in the general area) and you may well continue to increase the injury or even do some permanent damage if you continue the exercise, at least until you've been evaluated by a doctor. These symptoms could be indicative of something very serious, although it is probably fully reversible if you are able to come to terms with your doctor/intimacy issues. Almost all areas of medicine are relatively "intimate" in one way or another, and the doctor is impassive about these matters, unlike most patients. It's important. Try to mentally prepare yourself and make an appointment. The risk of permanent damage is too great to allow modesty to get in the way of proper medical treatment.

I hope you'll be able to bring yourself to be seen and treated. At the very least please stop the exercise, and please let us know if that makes any difference in the symptoms. Best of luck to you.
 Zim - Fri Oct 17, 2008 1:27 am

I've stopped with it and won't do it for some weeks, at least, now. I think the glans is healing as it should, though, but now it is this, instead, of course. :/

I'm not going to a doctor about it, though... I literally would rather die. :/ I just hope I won't get any sexual dysfunction from this... but last time I came my cum was much less bloody than the time before... if it keeps being less blood in the cum, should that pretty much tell that whatever is bleeding is healing up as it should? May I end up with any complications, despite that less blood keeps coming? For instance, may I end up with a lesser force when the cum is released? That'd be so horrible.... -_- god I hope that isn't the case.

Anyway.... thanks for your further help.
 John Kenyon, CNA - Fri Oct 17, 2008 2:56 pm

User avatar Well good. That should help, and it does sound as though things are healing, so it's a reasonable bet that it will eventually return to normal. I don't think you should lose much, if any, ejaculatory force, once things have settled down. If there's no permanent damage now, there may well not be.

As for the aversion to seeing a doctor, believe me, I do understand, and of course we don't want you dying, especially not over something like this! It seems you have the situation under pretty good control. Just be gentle with the equipment in the future! :)

Best of luck to you and please update us.
 Zim - Mon Oct 20, 2008 1:20 am

Wow, 2340 views. o_o Seems that this happening to me has given a warning to quite a few, in regards to performing this exercise.

Anyway, I think it's started to feel less stressed in that area, and this isn't because I've decided to self-medicate with ibuprofen to prevent inflammation; when the effect of it should be gone it feels the same. I take 400 mg three times over a whole day... at times I only take 200 mg, one of the times (usually before I sleep). I will take it for at least a total of five days but more if I may need to, to definitely prevent any inflammation risks. I also take a multivitamin drink, twice a day, that provides all vitamins and such since that may help rebuild whatever has ruptured, and I take extra protein in the form of soy protein, once or twice a day. I also read elsewhere that it's not good for the prostate to be filled up, so my girlfriend and I have quick sex about once a day, now, to take care of that. I don't think there have been problems with the glans bleeding, again, yet... hope that's okay, now. :/ Blood still is mixed in the cum, but it keeps being brown, now, which indicates old blood... is that a sign of that it's healing up?

I'll report back, again, when I have anything new to add.
 John Kenyon, CNA - Mon Oct 20, 2008 3:49 pm

User avatar Yes, it's really amazing how many people seem to find this a topic of concern. It's probably good you brought it up. I hope others are benefitting from it.

Given your having ruled out direct medical involvement, you would seem to be doing all the right things for a do-it-yourself approach, and yes, I would think the brownish color of the blood would likely mean it is old and probably just being slowly cleared out.

Everything seems to be going along pretty well. Please keep us updated.
 Zim - Tue Oct 21, 2008 11:59 pm

Yesterday morning it still kept coming that old blood... no sight of fresh blood, yet... however, since I've been getting hard more often, the glans started bleeding, a little, again. :/ It was just really little, though... it was at two completely separate locations. Can I expect it ever to heal? I don't think we will be able to keep avoiding sex for like a month at a time... also, now, with my prostate having been bleeding, it is important that the seemingly old blood is cleared out. I am so worried about this... I can't believe that it's not going to heal. It's already been well over a month and a half... shouldn't the glans have healed by now...? I just want things back to how they were.... the thought that we no longer can have sex five plus times a day makes me seriously think about suicide, again.... all because I did a penis enlargement exercise, once, for just maybe three seconds. -_-
 John Kenyon, CNA - Wed Oct 22, 2008 10:27 pm

User avatar I think it will heal, but you must take into consideration the amount of vigor you've directed at this one, rather sensitive area of your anatomy. You may have a small bleed going on somewhere that collects some blood and by the time it shows up, it's turned brown from age. This may or may not be serious -- although it seems to not be adversely affecting the operation overall. I think it just calls for some patience.

Regarding suicide as an alternative to not being able to have sex five times a day, you must realize the theoretical physical limits of your body. I'm sure it's a grand ideal, but not a very realistic one for long periods of time. If this is a goal you feel you must meet, you really need to find someone you can discuss this with face to face, since suicidal thoughts immediately broadens the scope of the problem a good deal. You're demanding more of your body that is reasonable to expect it can possibly deliver consistently. I don't mean to make light of your situation (not in the least), but there are people who would consider suicide if they knew they'd be required to perform sexually 5 times a day. So if you have determined direct medical attention is out of the question, you might at least consider finding someone you could talk with about this, as the constant workout is almost certain to cause some sort of injury from time to time. It's really more than most people could possibly maintain.

Please do stay in touch with us here, as well. It sounds like things are starting to heal, but it may be a slow process and you may, as I said earlier, have a tiny, slow bleed somewhere in the affected area. This may account for small amounts of old blood turning up from time to time.

Keep us updated, please.
 Zim - Sun Dec 07, 2008 10:00 am

I guess I should have posted back about this to inform about the situation, a long time ago, but I will do it now, at least... the prostate has healed up perfectly. That old blood stopped appearing in my cum over a month ago. No complications. I guess I should be far more careful with the stamina exercise, from now on. I know what it feels like, now, if you've done it too much; the stressed feeling, that is. I will definitely always have that feeling in concern, from now on. Maybe I shouldn't do it more than once a day, now? I did it really excessively, before. A bit foolish considering that any overtrained muscle may rupture.

However, the glans has not yet fully healed. Three months afterwards and it still has not fully healed. :/ May it truly be so that it is damaged for life? After just doing the engorgement method ONCE for the glans and just for maybe three seconds. I can't believe that three seconds have damaged the glans for the rest of my life. However, very little blood comes when it does come, although we're still being careful and don't have sex more than every second or third day. This is very stressful for us. We are both sex addicts and we NEED to do it several times a day. Thoughts of suicide have started to enter my head, again.... if you're pretty much certain that the glans will heal, with time, I would be so thankful to know. Please don't talk about therapy; therapy doesn't work for all and all I'd want it to help for is for my glans to fully heal and that is pretty unlikely, to say the least. Both me and her WANT to be sex addicts, after all.... sex under true love is the only reason to live. Is there any ointment that may help? I have a vitamin E ointment that also includes aloe vera, how about putting that on it? Vitamin E helps to make scars go away, after all, so maybe it can help for the healing of the glans, as well? And isn't aloe vera a disinfectant? That'd be good when it starts to bleed.

Can three mere seconds of that enlargement method really have damaged my glans for life? Or will it heal in time? In about how long do you think that may be, approximately? It's much better than before, now, at least. If not five-plus times a day, do you think that we will be able to have sex at least three or four times a day, again, soon? Sex under true love is everything to the two of us...... sex makes the souls connect on such an incomparable level..... nothing comes even close.

Thank you for your continued assistance... it is wholeheartedly appreciated by both me and my girlfriend.
 Faye Lang, RN, MSW - Thu Dec 11, 2008 8:32 pm

Hello Zim,

I'm not sure that we have the answers to your problem; once again, allowing a physician to evaluate it would be the ideal. In the meantime, as with any health diagnosis, balancing your desires with what you can actually accomplish is up to you. No one can do that for you; you are responsible for taking care of your body. If sex too often causes irritation, you're the only one who can change it. Unfortunatey, that would entail fewer sexual experiences per day. It does not seem logical that such an injury would be for life.

The unhealed or irritated spot has not had a chance to heal completely. The time it takes to heal is a very individual thing, so it may take a longer period of abstinence to heal. Have you tried using a condom until the irritation is healed? Have you avoided your stamina/engorgement exercise? Are you sure there is sufficient lubrication? Have you tried one of the herbal excitement gels?

I am very interested in your comment that it is almost humorous for you and you girlfriend in posting all the symptoms and problems. I would like to know more about what makes it humorous to you and if there is an element of playing a game with us. I am also concerned about your statements that you'd rather die than see a doctor or do without as much sex. You reject treatment from any resource, but still seem to want medical guidance. Have you ever received psychological treatment? What happened if you did, and what was your diagnosis? Dr. Kenyon has previously covered all of this information several times, but you apparently have not chosen to take his advice to seek appropriate treatment. I am not sure exactly what you want from this forum and what we could actually help you do. Please do respond and help us to understand more clearly. Meanwhile, we will hope for the best and that your injury has healed.

Faye, RN, MSW

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