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Forum Name: Female Sexual Disorders

Question: Breast Size & Growth

 molly262610 - Mon Aug 08, 2005 3:20 am

I'm 14 yrs. and my breasts have barely been growing are they done, will they grow anymore, or will they grow fast in a short time spurts? I'm already a B cup so will I take after my mother she wears a D cup and has always had large breast and is not overweight and another thing is my breasts and very far apart and if they grow they grow to the sides but not forwards will they ever grow forward? Please reply soon it's really affecting me emotional and makes me depressed. Thank You!
 Jennifer R.N. - Tue Aug 09, 2005 8:28 am

Everyones make up is different. Your breasts could very well contiue to grow some more as you are only 14. Whether they grow forward or to the side is more genetic I would think. I wouldn't worry about it. Every woman is different and we're all beautful. :)
 Andrea359 - Tue Oct 04, 2005 8:49 pm

I also have a problem with the growth of my breasts i am 15 years old andone ofmy breasts seems to have stopped growing but the other one hasn't so my right breast is a C and my other is a B is this normal or is there something wrong?

 Shana Johnson, CNA - Wed Oct 05, 2005 1:41 am

User avatar Most women have slightly different sized and shaped breasts. In some woman, the difference can be more extreme. Since you are 15, you haven't finished developing yet, and your other breast will probably catch up.
If you are concerned, make an appointment to talk to your doctor, but I don't think you have anything to be concerned about.
 jen518 - Tue May 19, 2009 4:15 am

I too have a similar question to the two people above except im older. Im in my early 20s and during puberty one of my breasts stopped growing while one continued, leaving one bigger for a while. What happened later on is that the other started to grow again but now they are significantly different in size. Padding doesn’t work and it has even had a huge effect on my social and especially sexual life. I went to the doctor when I was younger and he said it would fill out , yet now here I am and nothing. My mother keeps on pressuring g me to get breast surgery but I really don’t want to. I was wondering what I could perhaps do. Is there a certain hormone that I might need more off to help the other one fill out like a pill or something.
 Debbie Miller, RN - Thu Jun 18, 2009 8:03 pm

User avatar Hello,
I know this is a very frustrating problem for you. I'm afraid there is no magic pill or potion that will help this problem. I would also not be quick to rush to cosmetic surgery since this could interfere with your future desire to breastfeed a baby - something that is very rewarding and could be quite disappointing if your "cure" now would cause problems later.

I would see a doctor to have your hormone levels evaluated and see if there is anything apparent that might cause this problem but I suspect it's just part of your genetic makeup. Almost all women are uneven in varying degrees - some more pronounced than others but you are not alone for sure.

I know this may cause you to be self-conscious but most people put little real value on such external things in a relationship. In the meantime, you might try being fitted with a special bra from someone who works with mastectomy patients. They can do a remarkable job of evening things out even when one breast is missing entirely.

Try to accept yourself as you are and see how things even out as you bear children and have the opportunity to nurse them. Patience is needed here but realize many women experience this.

Best wishes.
 Wants2know - Sun Sep 20, 2009 9:15 pm

i have questions too. im 17 and my breasts have not grown since i was 13 and they only fit into a kids sized 32 a, and not a juniors/womens 32 a, so they are ridiculously small for my age and its like i didnt go all the way through puberty or something. although i have always been really skinny, 5'8 and 107 lbs currently, it doesnt seem like that would afffect my breast growth that much. could i really be done growing? also, ever since i can remember ive always have these things happen where these like clearish, hard buildups or something are in my nipples and protrude out of them and they eventually like fall out after like 5 months. its very strange and i don't know what it is or if its abnormal. please help me to figure this out!
 Debbie Miller, RN - Tue Oct 06, 2009 8:49 pm

User avatar Hello,
A thin woman typically has smaller breasts. It is disheartening to many of them and this is why so many women have breast implants. When you see larger breasts on very thin women this may be the reason. But, since you don't know the particulars you may have an altered sense of normal.

Still it would not hurt to consult with a doctor who may choose to evaluate your hormones and determine if this is just your genetic and hereditary make up or if there is something going on that is contributing to this.

Do be assured than many women feel self-conscious about this and if they are too uncomfortable find alternate ways to enhance their breast shape with clothing. The reason there are so many padded bras on the market is because so many women want larger breasts or feel like it makes them look better in clothes.

In most cases, even small-breasted women successfully produce milk to feed their babies and are able then to enjoy some natural enhancement. For this reason I discourage breast surgery for cosmetic reasons. You could be affecting your future babies' and your own health for this. Try to accept your body as it is and have a general physical exam for peace of mind.

Best wishes.
 marx89 - Mon Dec 07, 2009 1:14 am

I'm 20. My left breast is possibly a full size bigger than my right; if not a full size its close. Anyway, I would like to know what a doctor would do if it were there breast? i'd go to my doctor but he is not the bright bulb of the doctors in the world. I have looked up breast assymetry but the what they show is more disfigured than size difference. a clue would help ease my mind. Thanks
 Debbie Miller, RN - Tue Dec 08, 2009 2:45 pm

User avatar Hello,
Almost all women have one breast somewhat larger than the other but in some this is more pronounced. There are some also who have underdeveloped, genetic conditions. You would need to consult with a doctor to see if yours is a problem or just within the norm - about 50% have a noticeable difference.

I would not recommend plastic surgery since you are likely to undergo breast changes when you become pregnant in the future and surgery before then could interfere with your ability to breastfeed - something that is not only very important for babies, but also contributes to the mother's health. Try to look down the road and use padding or prosthetics to help this cosmetic concern in the meantime. A bra-fitting specialist such as those who work with mastectomy patients can help you find something that is acceptable. Meanwhile, try to appreciate your body as it is - nobody is perfect.

Focusing too much on a flaw can cause emotional stress. I realize we are in a society which puts great emphasis on exposing the breast, associating it with sexiness, but really the breast has a higher function and the difference in size usually does not affect that at all (unless you have the genetic underdevelopment I spoke of but even then, one is enough to nourish a baby). It is also possible that after childbirth, things will even out a bit.

I know you are worried about this, but it is part of the normal variation of people's bodies and it is OK. But, down the road if it still bothers you, cosmetic surgery is a good option to correct it and most women are pleased with the results.

Best wishes.
 babylou - Tue Jun 29, 2010 10:37 am

Hello i have a slightly embarrassing situation, im 24 and have had two children both have been breast fed my 1st was fed for 15 months and my second for 9/10 months, the problem i have is that my left breast is a 34c and my right breast is 34a its rather embarrassing, i tried expressing on the right hand side to increase size but it didnt work and i have finished breast feeding now so the milk has completely dried up. could you please tell me what is wrong with me i would really appreciate it. thank you x
 Debbie Miller, RN - Wed Jun 30, 2010 1:14 pm

User avatar Hello,
Almost all women have an unequal breast size, unless they have had augmentation (artificial equality). Yours might be a little bigger of a difference but there is nothing wrong with you - it's merely cosmetic, particularly since you successfully breastfed. This leads me to think it is not a matter of underdevelopment of glands.

Our bodies are not perfectly symmetrical as you would see when you have a picture of yourself reversed. Usually there are differences in the eyes, the smile, etc. Breast size can be the same.

I would not advise any surgical intervention until you have completed your family because breastfeeding is much more important than breast size and equality. It probably bothers you more than your husband or others. You should be able to get cosmetic corrective underwear to make the size difference less noticeable under clothing.

I know it is frustrating, but be assured your health is not in danger.

Best wishes.
 urpal - Mon Jul 12, 2010 10:32 pm

hey all...hi...

em about 20 years old n i also hve to smaal breast i want to enlarge my u knw breast enlagrment supplements didnt hve gud after affects so i am afaird to use themm n i also don't want to do any surgery or pills..i want to grow them naturally... please help me some way...=S

em married n my second problem is that i dnt have enough mucin after sex...i mean that i dnt have much sex appeal... n after sex my mucin didnt come out faster n in much quantity... i just leak it like sum drops.. io want to inrease my mucin liquid... can u teell me some way to increase that....
 Debbie Miller, RN - Sat Jul 17, 2010 12:07 pm

User avatar Hello,
Much of this is due to genetic makeup and we inherit these characteristics from our ancestors. Every woman is different and breasts come in all sizes and varieties. In rare cases there are hormone problems and an endocrinologist could check for normal levels of various glands in the body to rule out a physiological cause for this. But, if everything is functioning fine, there is little to be done aside from artificial (surgical) breast augmentation. This is expensive, carries some risk and could interfere with future breastfeeding. This may not seem so important to you now but one day it might - for you and for your future babies.

Women's lubrication is something that is stimulated by sexual arousal and it also varies from woman to woman. Many rely on use of a lubricant you can buy. This can make a lot of difference. Aside from this, relationship health, communication and desire toward your partner has a lot do do with this. These are emotional things that you can work on, perhaps with a therapist.

I'm sorry there is no magic pill or potion to make things as you want them to be in this sexual area. Becoming comfortable with who you are makes the most difference. Try not to compare yourself to the artificial images you see in the media. These are altered photographs and altered bodies; not real life women. Most men care much more about a self-confident woman, regardless of her breast size. Confidence in a woman is a real "turn on" for men while hiding behind what you feel is an imperfect body does not encourage intimacy.

Best wishes.
 Mcfly_19 - Sun Jul 18, 2010 1:33 pm

Hello, im 20 years old and i have previously suffered from bulimia, obviously it did affect my breast growth and now my breasts are saggy and under developed. and my left breast is a cup bigger than the right. it is so embarrassing and i feel awkward to be in a relationship too. is there ANY way of getting this fixed apart from surgery? anything to firm and shape my breasts? Thank You so much for your time.

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