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Question: Pain in lower left abdomen

 theman61386 - Wed Feb 07, 2007 4:03 am

I am a 20 year old male and recently I noticed this pain in my lower left abdomen. This occurs when I eat, never fails when I eat McDonalds, which I no longer eat. It also has occurred with a few other foods. Anyway this sharp pain just suddenly attacks right in the middle of me eating, it is in the lower left abdomen and kinda spreads to my side a bit. This pain worsens everytime I breathe in, or when I walk around. I never noticed a fever, and no vomiting or anything else occurs, just that pain. This has me a bit worried, and any kind of help would be great.

Thanks for any help you can provide.
 theman61386 - Wed Feb 07, 2007 4:08 am

I forgot to mention that this pain will not last for more than about 30 minutes when it occurs, depending on the food. Just thought I should mention this too.

Thanks again for any help you may be able to provide
 Dr. Chan Lowe - Wed Feb 07, 2007 9:41 pm

User avatar There isn't too much in the left lower quadrant area of the abdomen. Pain in this area can be caused by a condition known as diverticulosis. This is when there are small out-pouchings in the colon wall that can become obstructed and inflamed causing pain (diverticulitis). This generally affects older people and would be a little less common in your age group.

Other possible causes may be lactose intolerance or other food allergy. Irritable bowel syndrome may cause pain as well.

I would suggest talking with your doctor and possibly seeing a GI specialist to help diagnose your condition.

It may also be helpful to keep a log of when the pain occurs and what you had to eat in the last hour, activities you were doing, etc. This may help identify triggers more narrowly to help pinpoint the problem.

Hope this helps. Keep us updated.
 theman61386 - Mon Jun 04, 2007 1:31 am

Thank you for your previous posting. I figured I would post an update, and if you had time, see if you had any other ideas as to possibilities.

I had seen a GI specialist, he immediately though gallbladder eventhough the pain was on the left side. He proceeded to order the following blood tests (CBC, CMP, Amalayse, TSH), he sent me for an abdominal ultrasound, as well as a fecal occult blood test. The abdominal ultrasound came back negative, although they could not see the pancreas due to bowel gas, all blood tests were negative. The fecal occult blood test came out positive in all 3 samples. My GI specialist proceeded to recommend I take prevacid to see if that would prove helpful.

During this time I developed a lump under my left nipple. They sent me for a mammogram, which came back irregular. They then surgically removed a part of the lump. This came back as a case of gyneocomastia. No explanation of why this developed.

Back to my GI specialist, just had to mention all symptoms. he proceeded to order an upper GI endoscopy. He took 3 biopsies as well (small bowel, duodenum, esophagus). He found that my esophagus and my small bowel were inflamed. He came up with Acid reflux as well. Now here we sit up to this point.

I have an appointment scheduled, for August, but now feel things are getting worse even after making some dietary changes. I now notice black spots in my stool, I am experiencing bloating and even fullness (as if I have overeaten, eventhough I haven't). I am experiencing hiccups very often. The lower left hand pain seems to be returning. I now get pressure pains on my right side, just under ribs, or in the center of my stomach under ribs as well, feels like someone taking their fist and pressing it into my stomach. I sometimes feel dizzy, and headaches are common as well, which feels like it goes behind my eyes as well.. I also noticed that I seem to have to urinate more at night. There was even one time where my stool turned a grayish color. I also went through about a week period where I felt my bones ached, and I was constantly tired. I don't feel as much energy as I once had. I still have never checked for a fever, and don't experience vomiting. I just feel like something else may be wrong with me. I was thinking of asking for a HIDA scan, just to recheck my gallbladder. I figured I would recheck here to see if you had any suggestions.

Thank you for the help you have provided me.
 theman61386 - Mon Jun 04, 2007 1:48 am

I forgot to mention, regarding the pressure like pains, they appear at randome times, sometime after eating, and just when I am moving around. They last for 10 minutes or less.

Another symptom that I forgot to post was I have a lot of gas, especially after eating fatty of greasy foods.
 castaneda85 - Sat Dec 27, 2008 10:00 am

im a 23 male,and ive been having bad problems with my lower left side of my stomach for some years now,ive been to the doctors a cple times for this,they tell me its cuz i don't drink enough waters,but yet i do,they cant figure out anything wrong with me,my symptoms usual occur when i wake up in the morning,and the pain instantly hits me hard at them times,then i use the restroom,and usually bout 30 min later,give or take,the pain reduces and goes away,sometimes its so painful that it hurts for me 2 get out of bed,and go 2 the bathroom,these past cple days have been worse,the pain isnt going away,its there,but like its spreading now,its spreading 2 my lower back,in my buttocks area,and its spreading up 2 my side of my stomach,going into my ribcage.yesterday i jumped on the bed with my son,and stretched my body in a weird way i guess,and i felt instant pain,that was almost intollerable,thats when my pain started 2 stretch to them areas.some people tell me that it might be a kidney infection or urinary tract infection,but it doesnt hurt when i pee,or hard for me 2 pee,or use the restroom frequently,just pain and thats it,then i feel better after i use the restroom about a half hour later,the pain goes away,but these pains havent gone away for the past couple days,i wanna go to hospitol,but i don't know if its going to be a waste of time,and they just say they cant find nothing wrong,when i know something is wrong,cuz i've been dealing with these pains for years now. sometimes i don't have pains when i wake up,sometimes i do,but lately its been getting worse,if u have any info on what might be wrong,i'd highly appreciate,thank you
 castaneda85 - Sun Dec 28, 2008 8:08 am

ok,so i went 2 hospitol yesterday,and they did urine analysis,blood tests,and gave me a catscan,they cant find nothing,but my pain is still there,they said i should visit a family doctor,cuz there limited on tests they can do,the thing bout that is i don't have a family doctor,i have no insurance at all,i just don't want these pains to be anything worse than i want,if there's any suggestions or thoughts of wat my pains might be from,i could really use some help,i'd appreciate it a million,thanks
 Bones123 - Fri Dec 04, 2009 5:07 pm

For the past two weeks I have had pain on the left side of my back, six inches above my belt line, just to the left of my spine. I thought it might be a pulled muscle but it isn't getting any better. In fact, the pain sometimes spreads to the lower left ribcage. The pain is not severe but is dull and continuous. It seems to get worse with movement.
 meeaaxx - Tue Dec 29, 2009 10:58 pm

I am a 20yr old female with pain in my lower left abdomen I notice the pain whenever I sneeze, laugh hard, breath deeply or move the wrong way in bed, I also noticed a hard pea like lump or cyst there that hurt like the dickens whenever I touched it, so Iwent to see my family doctor a few months ago about this and she said it was a cyst and not to worry that it dissolve on its own in time but recently I noticed the pain still there and the pea like cyst has gotten nominally larger , I also recently went to donate blood and was refused due to dangerasly low iron defeceincy and I also have a high collesterall level I also feel fatigued at times and due suffer from doctor does not return til Jan 4/2010 and the pain is intermitent and very worrisome wondering WHAT IT MIGHT BE AND WHAT TO DO?
 rosealie123 - Sun Jun 27, 2010 12:57 pm

Hi, I would like to know what is wrong with me. I have had pain in my lower left abdomen for a year now and the doctor's can not find out what is wrong with me. I have had my gallbladder removed, a colonoscopy and just recently a laprascopy and both my colonoscopy and laprscopy were normal. I just had a CT scan and they could not find anything wrong, sometimes the pain is so intense I end up in bed, it feels better when I lay down flat on my back, sometimes the pain is sharpe and other times it feels like I have pressure in that area were the pain is. I am going for a ultra sound on July 13 to see if the ultra sound will find anything then to the specialist, is there any advice you could give me that I could suggest the doctors look for, and I forgot to mention my bowels are firm then turn runny , I usually have to go to the washroom about 3 times in a row in the morning then I am fine for the rest of the day. Hope you can help, I am very frustrated.

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