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Question: Can you get pregnant after taking Provera?

 brittany101 - Mon Dec 08, 2008 10:29 am


I have been trying to conceive since January...almost one year. I have had abnormal periods for the past few months if you want to call them periods. I saw my OB on Nov. 20th and she ordered a HSG to make sure my tubes were not blocked and also started me on Provera Dec. 1st. The HSG showed no blockages if there were any they were so tiny that the dye probably removed them. However it did show that my uterus was slightly tilted. I started the Provera on Dec. 1st and I take my last pill on Dec. 10th and I am suppose to start a normal period 3-7 days after stopping the Provera. I was wondering can you get pregnant while taking Provera? Should you ovulate normally after stopping Provera and getting a normal period? And is it possible to get pregnant soon after you stop Provera? Also could the tilted uterus be a potential problem in conceiving?
 Debbie Miller, RN - Sat Dec 13, 2008 1:28 am

User avatar Hello,
It is possible to get pregnant while on Provera but it is unlikely. If you do, you should discontinue the medication. It is not likely to cause a problem if you stop using it due to pregnancy. The tilted uterus would not interfere with conception.

Good luck with this attempt to have a child.
 cancontact_me - Mon May 25, 2009 7:13 pm


I am 25 and have been married since last 4 years. Since, we were planning to have kids after a couple of years of our marraige and I always had irregular periods, I was prescribed Yasmin (birth control pill) for contraception and to regulate my periods. We have been trying to get pregnant for almost 8 months now with no results. Since last 8 months I have been off of Yasmin, so that I can get pregnant, but I was surprise, that I got my periods for continues 3 cycle (with 30 days each) without YASMIN naturally.

But after that 3rd last cycle, again my periods became irregular. So, then I started taking yasmin for a month, got my period at the end of the same month and would try to get pregnant and wait for another 1 month so that I can take the pregnancy test to check whether I was pregnant. If not, then I would repeat the same PROCESS overall again. But no results with that attempt too.

My GYN has now prescribed me Provera 10mg (5 day pill). My question over here is that, could I get pregnant by repeating the same last PROCESS, that I tried by using Yasmin ? I mean when i don't get my period, I take provera 10mg (5 days pill) and then once I get my period can we try to conceive and get any positive results on that ?

Thank you.
 Debbie Miller, RN - Thu May 28, 2009 11:35 pm

User avatar Hello,
A fertile woman having regular sexual intercourse without using contraception will likely conceive within one year of trying. Anything short of that is not considered infertility; just normal odds. Everything must fall into place for pregnancy to occur. The egg only lives a short time and sperm must be present when this happens. It is only a day or two each month and this can vary. Even when you time intercourse to coincide with ovulation it still requires a certain amount of luck for fertilization, implantation and normal development to occur.

Continuing to take birth control pills does not assure you will conceive. Just because you have a period doesn't mean you will definitely conceive. In fact, taking the pill will stop ovulation and in some women that continues for a while beyond the end of the pill-taking term. It does sometimes regulate your periods but as you have noticed it does not necessarily continue to be regular. However, regular periods are not necessary for conception to occur.

You can monitor your basal body temperature by taking it every morning before you get out of bed and before any real movement. A slight increase (0.5 to 1.0 degree F) in your temperature is usually noticed when you ovulate. It is recommended you chart this information so you can see the pattern. Also make note of other changes such as cramping, spotting, bleeding, and mucus changes. When you ovulate you may notice an increase in mucus and that it is thinner. That would be the most important time to have sex, when trying to conceive. Within the year 85% of women will achieve pregnancy.

Provera only helps get your period started; it does not affect ovulation. For some women it seems to get things going, but not because it causes you to ovulate. Many women ovulate irregularly and have irregular periods, yet still become pregnant with patience and continued efforts. Try not to worry too much about this.

Good luck in your attempts to conceive.
 cancontact_me - Sun May 31, 2009 12:12 pm

First of all thank you very much for your quick response :)))

As you said, that I should try to monitor basal body temperature, to make note of other changes such as cramping, spotting, bleeding, and mucus changes. I already tried that at the very start of my attempts for trying to conceive. I mean when my basal body temp is high, mucus is not thinner. when mucus is thinner basal body temp is not high. I mean its not occuring in coordination to each other, making it much more confusing & hard for me to take appropriate steps when it is actually needed. I even tried using ovulation kit, monitoring basal body temp & changes such as cramping, spotting, bleeding, and mucus change all together. But, as I said before it is not working in coordination to each other. Instead its getting very complicated to link it all togther.

Also, again after a month, this month I got my periods naturally on my own (30 day cycle). I was just thinking that intially I had to depend on YASMIN to get my periods. But now, that I am trying to get pregnant, I am getting periods naturally without any medication. I really don't have any idea what is happening in my body:)))

I think because my periods are irregular its very complicated to judge, that when do I ovulate. I really don't know what to do. Should I try it for few more months & then approach a specilaist or..............?

Thanks for the support.
 Debbie Miller, RN - Sat Aug 01, 2009 6:33 am

User avatar Hello,
It is generally recommended that you have intercourse at least every other day while attempting conception. This takes the guesswork out of it and no matter when you ovulate you are likely to have sperm present at the right time. If I were you I would try this for a few more months before paying for a specialist. Of course then it is helpful to be certain you do not have an issue with sperm so your husband would be tested first, most likely. Once you have those results you can be advised as to the next step. Meanwhile, just have sex regularly, stop any bad habits such as smoking, drinking and drugs, eat a balanced diet so you will be in optimal health, take a multivitamin and exercise daily. All these things have been shown to improve pregnancy outcome once you do conceive. Try not to make this too scientific or "by the book." Often we lose the element of spontaneity when conception is desired and
that takes a lot of the fun out of it. Some women get pregnant shortly after they stop "trying".

Best wishes.
 lucas_0227 - Thu Oct 29, 2009 2:59 pm

my name is tiffany im a 23 year old, i have never had a period in my life, so about 5 months ago i was having relly bad abdominal pain, so my boyfreind took me to the er and found out i had polysystic ovarian disease, i got recommended to a gyno and he is trying his best to help me, at least i hope so, so far he has put me on 6 doses of provera, and two doses of 25 mg of clomophene and 50 mg clomaphene, still have not ovulated and am trying to get pregnant, what more can i do or should i get a second opinion?
 Debbie Miller, RN - Fri Oct 30, 2009 9:37 am

User avatar Hello,
You are getting good advice and treatment. Of course you can always seek a second opinio if you are not feeling confident with this provider. Some doctors prescribe other medications for the PCOS along with Clomid, but for fertility concerns with PCOS, Clomid is the most reliable and commonly used ovulation stimulator. Patience will be the most important thing now, since there are no guarantees it will happen right away. In the meantime, take good care of your health, eat right, take a multivitamin, exercise and lose any excess weight. These all improve your pregnancy chances.

Best wishes.
 tnsvolley - Wed Feb 03, 2010 11:22 am

I have been taking Provera 10mg. I take one a day for 10 days. I usually start my period about 3 days after the last pill and my period is light and only lasts about 3 days. I wait 14 days from the first day of mestrual bleeding to calculate my approximate ovulation day. However, my husband is on anti-depressants so he has a low sex drive and we do not have sex very ofter around the "ovulation day." I have been taking Provera for 10 months and am still not pregnant. Any suggestions for a better way to pinpont ovulation so we don't "waste" our times to have sex.
I know that it is not supposed to be "by the book" but with me taking meds to have a period and his low sex drive...we HAVE to plan!! Any advice would be appreciated
 Debbie Miller, RN - Wed Feb 03, 2010 5:21 pm

User avatar Hello,
Has your husband considered using Viagra, Cialis or Levitra to counteract the effects of the antidepressants? Sometimes even a different antidepressant can make a difference or even the addition of Wellbutrin so this is something he could discuss with his doctor since you are trying to conceive.

Additionally, if you are age 35 or younger, we consider it not to be infertility until you have tried for over a year.

Generally it is recommended that you have intercourse beginning a couple of days prior to the ovulation day and a couple of days after to try to get everything to align for conception. This is because sperm can live inside for a while and it is difficult to pinpoint the exact ovulation time. This is why I suggest your husband also address his issues.

Day 14 is just an average and for you to predict your ovulation day would require consideration of your cycle - how many days between periods, when you notice mucosal changes (discharge). As your cycle progresses, your cervical mucus increases in volume and changes texture. The changes reflect your body's rising levels of estrogen and you are most fertile when the mucus becomes clear, slippery, and stretchy - a little like raw egg whites. Basal body temperature readings can also predict ovulation since this can increase by 0.4 to 1.0 degree - detectable only by thermometer readings. The temperature spike indicates you have released an egg. If you notice this, the egg only lives about 24 hours so you should have intercourse soon.

You can get an ovulation predictor kit which will help you with this.

Good luck in your efforts.
 sugarpie85 - Fri Feb 26, 2010 12:43 pm

I have a Provera question and this seemed like the best place to ask it. I had my second baby December 14, 2009 and want to get the Mirena for birth control. My ob/gyn will not put in the Mirena until I am at least 8 wks post partum and on my period. So at almost 10 weeks post partum I still had not started a period. We have been using a back-up method of birth control and I took a pregnancy test which came out negative so he gave me a 10 day prescription for Provera to start my period. I took the last pill yesterday, but what concerns me is that a couple of days ago we had a condom break. Thankfully we noticed it after a minute or so and replaced it. But now I am concerned I am going to get pregnant. Can you get pregnant while on Provera? How likely is it?
 Debbie Miller, RN - Sun Feb 28, 2010 2:09 am

User avatar Hello,
If you are breastfeeding I would not expect you to have a period and the only reason I see for this need in order to get the Mirena would be to verify you were not already pregnant, something that could be determined by other means (blood pregnancy test). I know many doctors who place the IUD at around 8 weeks regardless of the status of the period so I can't say why your doctor felt the need to stimulate a period before giving you the Mirena. Your doctor would need to explain this to you.

You could become pregnant while on Provera but this is unusual. Your doctor would need to advise you if this happened since it should not be taken in pregnancy.

Best wishes.
 sugarpie85 - Sun Feb 28, 2010 9:18 am

Thank you for your quick reply. I'm just so confused by the whole situation. I'm exclusively formula feeding and have been from day one. I took my last Provera pill on Thursday and since then I've only had bright red spotting off and on. No heavy flow. I took yet another pregnancy test which was negative. I just don't understand what is going on!!
Hopefully my dr will have some answers for me tomorrow.
 Debbie Miller, RN - Mon Mar 01, 2010 4:29 pm

User avatar Good luck with your appointment. If your doctor refuses to place the IUD, I would ask for an explanation. You should feel confident with your health care provider.

Best wishes.
 kitycandi22 - Thu Jul 08, 2010 2:38 pm

I am 25 years old and was diagnosed with PCOS in 2003. Ive been pregnant 3 time, 2 ending in misscarriage and the third baby being still born at 28 weeks on december 25th 2008. May 9th 2009 I had my period and we started to try to have another baby, but I didnt have a period for almost a year. So in April of this year I went to the Dr. and he put me on Provera in 10 days cycles. Ive been having my cycle like I should, 2 days after getting off provera, normal flow and length(about 5 days). Well in June, I ended my cycle of provera and didnt start bleed till 5 days after being off the pill, then the bleeding stopped after a day. That was 13 days ago. Now Im feeling nauseated and my nipples are sensitive and sore and Ive been sick with a head cold, which is exactly as I did when I was pregnant the last time. I took a test a week ago and it came out negative, but that was before my nipples started getting sensitive and the nausea set in. Im too scared to take another test, I just don't want to go through all this again, too painful emotionally. What do you think I should do, could I be pregnant????
 Debbie Miller, RN - Sat Jul 10, 2010 11:53 pm

User avatar Hello,
I'm afraid the only way you will be able to find out if you are pregnant is to repeat the test. A false negative usually shows up positive the following week, assuming you aren't doing it too soon. With irregular periods it can be difficult to predict ovulation and so it is a wait and see situation. The symptoms you describe could be related to pregnancy but could also signify some hormonal fluctuation relating to your medication use.

I'm very sorry about your losses. I know this is heartbreaking. I wish you success in achieving your desired pregnancy soon.

Best wishes.

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